Concrete Pool Deck Repair

When it comes to concrete pool decks one thing is certain; they will inevitably crack or sink over time. Cracked or sunken concrete pool decks are extremely dangerous and create tripping hazards. Therefore, the repair should not be overlooked or taken lightly. Keeping your concrete pool decking area in good condition protects your family and your home’s value.

Believe it or not, your concrete pool deck can actually crack without notice. Because concrete has the ability to crack without cause, many homeowners tend to unknowingly allow tripping hazards to manifest. There are many reasons why concrete pool decks crack. Pool deck concrete can crack due to freeze and thaw cycles, improper concrete installation, natural shrinkage or even simply having a bad batch of concrete. Because pool decking is typically poured in sections, pool owners may notice sunken slab sections.

At JES, we have lifted and leveled countless concrete pool decks using our high-quality polymer injection. Traditional concrete repair techniques for pool decks such as sand-jacking, demolition and replacement, grout filling and mudjacking are invasive. By using our high-quality polymer injection, you can have peace of mind when your family is by the pool because you will no longer have to worry about tripping hazards.

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