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JES Foundation Repair serves Northern Virginia

Did you know over 50% of the air you breathe comes from your crawl space? So if you’ve been noticing musty odors, sagging floors, or think you may have a moisture problem beneath your home – JES can help! Our Northern Virginia team has been keeping homeowners safe for over 25 years by providing foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair services. Call us today at 757.301.4820 for a free professional foundation inspection and written estimate!

Basement Waterproofing

Living in fear every time it rains? You shouldn’t have to worry about water entering your home after heavy rain or snow melt. Our specialists can identify where the water is coming from and propose the most effective method to waterproof your basement. Click here to learn more!

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems usually happen as a result of changes in the soil underneath your home. These structural issues can appear on both older and newer homes. Poor construction, expansive soils and deficient supports can wreak havoc on your home’s ability to withstand certain weather events. Click here to learn more!

Crawl Space Repair

Humidity and excess moisture usually lead to trouble for your basement and crawl space. Pests and bacteria are known to multiply in these dark, damp areas. Two of the most common consequences of having elevated moisture levels in your home’s crawl space include wood-rotting fungus and mold. Click here to learn more!

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