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Matt Malone CEO JES


Matt Malone, Owner & CEO

Jesse Waltz, PE – Owner & President


Jesse Waltz, PE – Owner & President

Stella Waltz – Owner


Stella Waltz – Owner

CP Davis, COO


Guy Stello, CFO


Eric Lackey, CMO


Sharon Hilgeman, VP of Human Resources


Dan Heyer

Dan Heyer
General Manager, Chester

Leadership - George Frates Branch Manager Hampton Roads

George Frates
General Manager, Hampton Roads 

Stephen Frey

Stephen Frey
General Manager, Manassas

Eric Gauker

Eric Gauker
General Manager, Evergreen

Nick Feaster
Sales Manager, Chester

Chris McLaughlin
Sales Manager, Hampton Roads

Todd Simmons
Interim Sales Manager, Manassas

Joe Caruso
Sales Manager, JES Evergreen

Alan Kane
Sales Manager, Indiana

Brad Hibbard
Director of Operations and Senior Production Manager, Hampton Roads

Terrence Austin
Production Manager, Chester

Louis Berbert
Production Manager, Virginia Beach

Terri Burgess
Production Manager, JES Evergreen