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Matt Malone CEO JES


Matt Malone, Owner & CEO

Jesse Waltz, PE – Owner & President


Jesse Waltz, PE, Co-Owner

Stella Waltz – Owner


Stella Waltz, Co-Owner

Mike Irby, President of Groundworks


Mike Irby, President


Cary McGuckin, CMO


Kim McDonald, CTO

Stephen Frey


Stephen Frey, CFO

Leadership - George Frates Branch Manager Hampton Roads


George Frates, President of Virginia Operations

Leadership - Guy Stello, CFO


Guy Stello, SVP of Finance

Sharon Hilgeman VP of Human Resources


Sharon Hilgeman, VP of Human Resources

Nick Feaster


Nick Feaster
General Manager, Chester


Terri Burgess
General Manager, Appomattox

Brad Hibbard


Brad Hibbard
General Manager, Manassas


Ryan Bernard
General Manager, Virginia Beach


Steve Eudy
Sales Manager, Chester


Joe Caruso
Sales Manager, Appomattox


Chris McLaughlin
Sales Manager, Manassas


Brian Stocks
Sales Manager, Virginia Beach


Terrence Austin
Co-Production Manager, Chester



Christine Efird
Operations Manager, Manassas


Nick Spruill
Co-Production Manager, Chester


Jarrett Rowland
Production Manager, Appomattox


Jeff Corso
Production Manager, Virginia Beach