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At JES, we value your feedback. We value it so much that we want to help you make your Yelp review count!

If you haven’t written a Yelp review in the past, there are some steps we’d like you to know about in order for your Yelp review to show online.

Yelp needs to know you’re a real person whose intentions are to write a real review.

They do this by verifying your Yelp profile and take into account the following:

Are you already signed up with Yelp?

If you’re already signed up with Yelp and have a Yelp account – great! Sign in with your Yelp log-in to write your review.

Is your profile complete?

Your Yelp profile will show a percentage sign indicating how complete your profile is. Profiles indicating 100% completion are more likely to have their reviews show online.

Have you written a review? Or is this your first?

If this is your first review and your profile isn’t complete, your review may not show on Yelp.

Reviews written + complete Yelp profile =

The more reviews you write + 100% complete Yelp profile = your review will most likely show.

Other tips:

  • Did you sign up for Yelp through your Facebook account? If so, make sure your Yelp & Facebook profile have your real profile picture, preferably a head shot. 
  • Make sure your Yelp profile includes a working email address.

We appreciate your time and trust.
We also know your review took a few extra minutes out of your day – and we want to thank you for that. 
On behalf of our inspectors, foremen, and staff, thanks again for choosing JES!

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