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Cold Weather Causes Foundation Problems for Your Home

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for these Signs

Shrinking Soil Impacts Foundation Walls

Shrinking Soil Impacts Foundation Walls

The holidays are amazing and full of love, happiness, and warmth. However, just because your home is warm it does not mean the soil beneath your home is. Cold and dry soil will cause foundation problems for your home and leave you with stress during the holiday season.

Cold Dry Soil

The soil around your home becomes dry when the weather becomes colder, because the cold air sucks the water out of the soil. Once the water is removed from the soil, it will start to shrink, ultimately creating movement and settlement.

This settlement will happen because the weight of your home will become too much as the soil continues to dry out. Movement and settlement are the cause for foundation problems you will see within your home once shrinking soil happens. Different signs will show depending on the type of your home.

foundation problems

Sign: Interior walls separating from ceiling.

Cracks from Settlement

For example, homes with basements will see signs of settlement on indoor and outdoor walls and windows and doors. Cracks will appear in a stair case shape traveling up either outdoor or indoor walls. As settlement continues to get worse, the cracks will move farther apart from one another. Your doors and windows will stick also as you try to open and close them.

Another sign of settlement happens with slab foundations. If your home is built on a slab foundation, you will see cracks run through the floors of your home. Another sign of settlement for slab foundations are walls that pull apart from one another, and your indoor walls separating themselves from the ceiling, which will continue to get worse as the settlement continues.

Snow Melt and Foundation Heave

foundation problems

Frost Heave & Settlement

Water and moisture have an impact on your foundation as well during these colder months. As the soil beneath your home cracks, it will allow water and moisture to enter your home through those cracks. For example, when it’s frosted or snowed, and it melts then that water will enter into those cracks and straight into your home. Water in your foundation will lead to even more problems in the future for your home’s basement or crawl space.

The holiday season is important and so is the structural integrity of your home. Call JES Foundation Repair today at (866) 370-4816 or fill the form out to schedule your free foundation inspection today. Don’t let your foundation be the worry of your holidays this season!

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