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Great Neck Baseball League is a Recreational Pony League in Virginia Beach Virginia. They are home to T-Ball, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony & Colt Leagues. GN Baseball also has Pony Elite Teams, the Great Neck Breakers, that compete with other Pony Elite Leagues and AAU Teams in the area. At the end of each Spring Season they field All-Star teams in each division and host the 12u Battle of the Beach Tournament every summer. The group also holds many events such as league wide garage sales and sports clinics.

Like most other youth athletic organizations, the Managers and Coaches in GNBL freely give up their time to teach the players the fundamentals of baseball and sportsmanship. What you may not realize is that it takes the combined efforts of many other volunteers to provide a successful baseball program for your children. Some of these positions include: Team Moms, League Directors, GNBL Officers, Field Maintenance, Equipment Director, Scheduling, Sponsorships, Fundraising, Tryout Coordinator, Uniforms, Registration, Player Agent, Concession Stand Operations, Player Agent, All-Star Director, and Special Projects. GN Baseball has many of these position filled by dedicated volunteers – but they can always use more help. Great Neck Baseball is a non-profit volunteer organization thankful for the countless hours their volunteers give and the community support and sponsorships they receive.

Several members of the league baseball teams are children of JES Employees, including Jesse Waltz’s son, Kim McDonalds two sons and a nephew, and Geoff Moretz’s daughter. To support the league JES has had volunteers assist the games and events as well as donating funds to teams to purchase equipment and hold events for supporting the growth of the local baseball leagues. The company plans to keep supporting the local baseball league in the future, even should some of their children grow too old to play on some junior leagues or move to more school based teams.

To find our how you can support your local teams and watch games, as well as visit some of the events they hold or even become a business or small scale sponsor, visit