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Sealed Foundation Wall

A sealed foundation wall is a good investment as it stops water from the outside from entering the basement and damaging your belongings.

While there are many precautions you can take to protect your foundation walls from water, sealing the wall with a plastic vapor barrier tops the list, in our opinion. Failing to seal your foundation walls can lead to problems such as moisture infiltration and mold growth, which can adversely affect your home. Here, we will look at what a sealed foundation wall is, the best system, the shortcomings of painting, and the benefits of having your foundation walls sealed. 

What Is a Sealed Foundation Wall?  

A sealed foundation wall is typically any wall that has added material that makes it waterproof. Such walls can withstand water and moisture infiltration better than their counterparts. Correctly done, sealing can prevent annoying basement leakage and costly water damage.  

Do Sealants or Painting from the Inside Work?  

Sometimes, homeowners try to keep water out of their basements by painting or sealing the walls from the inside. The ugly truth is that wall paint and other DIY sealants won’t address underlying issues such as clogged exterior drainage that allows hydrostatic pressure to build up on the outside leading to a wet basement. Any sealant that’s going to be applied to your basement also needs to be able to adhere to the walls and remain flexible to moisture and temperature changes. Also, it has to withstand both compression and expansion as the concrete cures. WallSeal™ fits the bill. 

WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier – Recommend Solution 

While there are many sealants in the foundation wall repair market, none compares to WallSeal™. It is a full perimeter system and an excellent solution for covering large boulders or unsightly basement walls or floors. It’s perfect for unfinished basement walls. As well as improving the appearance of the basement space, it’s an effective waterproofing solution that keeps the basement water-free.  

The material is flexible enough to cover irregular walls or uneven surfaces yet thick to prevent water from infiltrating the bottom of your basement walls. Installation takes a day or less, and your basement is ready for use immediately after it’s applied to the walls. If you don’t like your basement’s appearance or urgently need an upgrade to the interior, this is the best product for you. 

How to Seal a Concrete Foundation Wall  

Basement waterproofing experts will first inspect the interior of your basement walls to locate cracks and crevices. They will then fasten WallSeal™, a 12-mil thick vapor barrier, to the wall using plastic drilled-in fasteners. Once in place, the finish-ready vapor barrier will direct any wall leakage down into the BasementGutter™ interior system. Unlike paint and other sealants, WallSeal™ will never chip, flake away or peel off from the concrete walls. 

Benefits of Having a Sealed Foundation Wall  

Among the many advantages of sealing your foundation walls include:  

Eradicates dampness: Our 12-mil plastic vapor barrier is effective in preventing water and moisture from infiltrating your basement. Moisture buildup and dampness will be a thing of the past.  

Eliminate nasty odors: By sealing your basement walls, you can eliminate nasty odors that make the indoor air stale. You and your loved ones will breathe easily.  

Improves energy efficiency: Once you seal your basement walls, you won’t need to run your heater for long to warm up your basement as the walls and floor will no longer be cold.  

Increase your home’s resale value: Sealing your foundation walls is also a huge selling point as many buyers are afraid of homes with moisture issues. You will be able to list your home at a profitable price and still attract serious buyers who are willing to pay top dollar.  Would you like to properly waterproof your foundation in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C.? Contact JES Foundation Repair for a free waterproofing inspection and quote. We can help you choose more permanent waterproofing solutions and install them to keep your home dry for years to come. 

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