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Weep holes drilled into the basement wall.

Weep Holes

Weep holes are drilled into the foundation to drain excess water and decrease pressure on the walls. Find out more.

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Sealed Foundation Wall

A sealed foundation wall is a good investment as it stops water from the outside from entering the basement and damaging your belongings.

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Backfill is used to fill foundation holes. Find out what backfilling entails and which materials are suitable for the process.

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Yard and Soil Grading

Proper yard and soil grading can stop water from accumulating on the yard and hurting your foundation.

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Discharge Line

Your sump pump alone won’t move water out of the basement. It needs a discharge pipe that goes to the outside.

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Are downspouts necessary? Here is what you need to know about your home’s most important water management system.

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The gutter system collects and directs rainwater and melting snow away from your roof so they won’t form puddles on your property.

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Rim Joist

A rim joist or a band board offers lateral support to end joists that carry the weight of the walls to the roof.

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Cove Joint

Cove joints connect the foundation walls to basement floors and allow water through should a structure experience a flood.

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Clay Soil

Clay soil is part of the smallest particle group, a type of problematic soil that can damage your home’s foundation

JES Foundation Repair service area map of the Mid-Atlantic region.

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