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Wall Repair for Your Home

Your primary focus on your home are probably the parts that you can see, but what you didn’t know is that it is the part you cannot see which is the most important. Your home’s foundation plays a major part in keeping your home safe.


Wall cracks are major tell-tale signs of your home undergoing foundation settlement.

Some of the key problem signs for your home if you have foundation settlement are bowing walls and cracks on both on your interior and exterior walls. These cracks tend to be in stair shape form and are caused by two things: hydrostatic pressure and soil expansion.

Soil expansion is caused by the changing moisture levels in the soil due to the different seasons. The constant change between shrinking soil and expanding soil puts a great amount of pressure against the foundation of your home, which results in cracks.

The other cause is hydrostatic pressure due to large amounts of water that gather near your foundation and exhibit large amounts of force against your foundation.

JES Foundation Repair has three great solutions for all wall repair needs, so homeowners do not need to be in fear of their home.

    • Wall Anchors, give your walls stability if they show signs of cracking and bowing. The Wall Anchors give the soil outside of your foundation stability, which helps create a pinpoint to brace your foundation walls. Helping stop all movement put against your walls, the Wall Anchors can also help move your walls back to their starting position in time.

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors

  • Our IntelliBrace Wall System help build and stabilize the strength of your foundation walls. Built from structural steel, this wall system was created to stabilize your home’s walls when there is little support from the outside of your foundation.
  • Our Carbon Wall Fiber system fits perfectly into the walls of your home for easy paint over. This system is created from industrial epoxy and helps give your walls constant stability when they are bowing.

It is important you take care of your home. Call JES Foundation Repair at (866) 370-4816 or fill out the form to schedule a free foundation inspection today.

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