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Foundation & Basement Wall Repair Solutions

Shotcrete Foundation & Basement Wall Repair Solutions

Shotcrete Foundation Wall Restoration System

Shotcrete foundation restoration system with wall anchors completely restores and stabilizes your foundation.

Shotcrete is a fiber-reinforced concrete material that is sprayed onto your foundation wall after the wall anchors are installed. The force of Shotcrete being sprayed on has the added bonus of compacting it, which makes it two-times stronger than regular concrete.

Why Use Shotcrete?

Before Shotcrete

Foundation walls in older homes have sometimes deteriorated significantly due to the home’s age or the building materials used to construct the home. When foundation walls have deteriorated excessively or have started to cave in, there are few options available to fix the problem.

Commonly, homeowners are forced to completely remove and replace their entire foundation, which is extremely costly, disruptive and time consuming.

Worst of all, the foundation is replaced within the same soil that caused the problem in the first place, so the problem is like to happen again to the new foundation.

Fix Your Foundation or Basement Walls With Shotcrete

The Shotcrete Wall Restoration System from JES permanently stabilizes foundation walls that have deteriorated excessively. Including cases where foundation walls have extreme damage, or when the walls are constructed with inadequate building materials such as stone, rubble, brick or clay tile, the Shotcrete Restoration System offers a long-lasting solution.

Restoring your basement wall starts by installing Geo-Lock Wall Anchors to stabilize the existing foundation walls. Next, Shotcrete is impacted onto the face of the existing wall, embedding the wall anchors into the new Shotcrete wall.

Finally, the wall finish is smoothed out and the work area is cleaned up, leaving you with a stable and completely restored foundation.


During Shotcrete Installation

Geo-Lock Wall Anchors are installed first

After Shotcrete Installation

After Shotcrete Installation

Benefits of Shotcrete Basement Wall Repair System


Permanent Solution to Your Bowed Wall Problems

Shotcrete foundation restoration system with wall anchors warrants that your foundation walls will not tilt or bow any further.


Can Be Installed Year-Round

The Shotcrete foundation restoration system can be installed at any time. So you don’t have to worry about a collapsed wall while waiting for nice weather to repair foundation.


Finished Look

Once sprayed on, Shotcrete is smoothed so it looks like any other smooth concrete basement wall. So you’ll have a strong, stable foundation without ugly I-beams or equipment showing.


Restores Your Home's Property Value

The piers not only provide the opportunity to raise your home to its original level, they restore property value since your home is now sitting on a stable foundation.

Are You Looking For Local Foundation Contractors In Virginia, DC, Maryland, or Northeastern North Carolina?

At JES Foundation Repair our team of in-house foundation experts have warranted solutions for structural issues related to basement wall failure and settling foundations of all types. 

If you would like a free shotcrete quote, we’re ready to help you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site consultation and written quote!

We’re proud to serve all of Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach throughout Williamsburg and surrounding areas; Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern Maryland. View a complete list of our service area here.

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If you’re not sure of the source of your foundation problem, give us a call at 866-370-4816, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

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