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Foundation Problem Signs

Foundation Problem Signs

We’re here to help you find your foundation problem. Learn how you can save yourself time and money by requesting a professional foundation evaluation and receive a Free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair.

What Do I Need to Do First?

Understanding and identifying signs of foundation problems is the first step to protecting your greatest investments – your home and family. Start by scrolling through the images below to learn about common foundation problem signs.

I Can’t Find My Foundation Problem Signs

There are a lot of other foundation problem signs like your addition separating from your home, a sagging roof, cracked molding, creaking house noises, sink holes in your yard, or concrete being pushed up from hydrostatic pressure.

If you don’t find your foundation problem here give us at call at 757-301-4820 or email us, to request your free inspection. One of our certified foundation repair consultants will come out and take a look at your home’s foundation, answer your questions and let you know if your home needs foundation repair.


foundation problem signs

Foundation Problem Signs: Causes

Foundation problems are caused by house settlement. Your home settles when the ground your home is built on can no longer support the weight of your house. Foundation settlement is caused by:


A hot, dry summer or period of drought can create problems for your home’s foundation. When soil dries, it contracts, pulling away from your foundation. The shrinking soil creates a gap next to your foundation which allows it to shift and settle.

Large Trees Next To Your Home

A large tree growing next to your home could be the source of some of your house settlement problems. If the roots extend under or next to your foundation, they are drinking up moisture that helps keep the soil surrounding your foundation stable.

Too Much Water

Mother Nature, plumbing leaks, poor grading or inadequate drainage can all lead to a house settling problem. When soil is wet, it expands, pushing against your foundation. When the hydrostatic pressure becomes too much for your foundation, you’ll start to notice leaks, cracks and bowed walls.

Poor Soil Preparation

Before building your home, the ground where your foundation is now located was excavated. If the builder didn’t prepare the soil properly before building the foundation or backfilled the soil without compacting it, your home will start to settle.

Expansive or Heaving Soil

The type of soil your home is built on makes a big difference in your foundation’s stability. Expansive soils, like clay soil, experience the most dramatic changes when there’s too much moisture. When there’s too much moisture, the clay soil expands causing upheaval. Upheaval is the opposite of settlement, and pushes your foundation up, creating the same problems as a foundation settling.

Consolidating Soil

Is the opposite of expansive soil. Clay soil is also a consolidating soil. When the clay soil dries, it constricts, pulling away from your foundation. This causes house settlement.

Choose The Experts Here to Help You

I as extremely happy with all those on the work crew for the work they performed and their professionalism. They worked continuously until dark, sometimes working until after 7:30 pm. Their finished product is impressive and they left my wife and I so glad that we selected your company. Best of all, my wife who is highly allergic to mold and mildew, has been able to breathe better than she has since we bought the house, so this is great!

~ Thomas S., Virginia Beach

Foundation Problem Signs

Foundation Repair Solutions

Not every foundation repair solution requires a product. But when we use a product as a part of a foundation repair solution, we use only the best! Some of our recommended foundation repair products range from concrete lifting to JES Helical Piers, JES Push Piers or JES Slab Piers, and more!

Everyone’s home has different foundation repair needs based on the type of house settling, soil problems and ground your home is built on. We will work with you to create the best solution for your home’s specific foundation problem.

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Foundation Problem Signs

Get Your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair

Have you ever wondered about your bowed basement walls and what causes them? Or if that drywall crack is a sign that you have a bigger problem? Our Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair is your resource for learning about foundation problems, causes and solutions.

Request your free foundation repair inspection and receive your own copy of the e-book, as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

foundation problem signs