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Foundation Repair Methods

foundation repair methodsThere are many foundation repair methods out there, all of which, claim to be the best. When it comes to the east coast, there are foundation repair methods that work best for the climate, soil and geography. Underpinning of your foundation and stabilization of your foundation walls are proven methods for permanent foundation repair. Furthermore, this is accomplished with Helical Piers, Push Piers, Wall Anchors, Slab Piers and Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement.

foundation repair methodsHelical Piers

Screw Anchors, Helical Piles

Helical piers are used in new construction, as well as lighter structures. The piers are made of galvanized steel coupled with a round tube and blades. The round tube is the strongest underpinning solution available on the market. Therefore, the blades make it easier to screw the pier into the ground.

foundation repair methodsPush Piers

Resistance Piers, Steel Pressed Piers

Push piers are typically used in retrofit applications – or to stabilize and lift buildings that already exist. Push piers have the most potential to lift a structure back to it’s original position.

Like the helical piles, push piers are also made of a round tube, galvanized steel – the strongest in the industry and ASTM certified. The weight of the building is used to hydraulically push the piers into the ground until reaching bedrock or load bearing stratum. Once the piers reach the load bearing stratum, they’re pushed down even further, which creates an upward movement. As a result, this movement will lift your home.

foundation repair methodsWall Anchors

Tiebacks, Plate Anchors

Wall anchors stabilize and straighten foundation walls. An anchor plate is installed into the soil, which is then connected with a strong steel rod and wall plate.

This will stabilize the wall and allow you to gradually straighten the wall, thus, protecting your home’s structural integrity.

foundation repair methodsSlab Piers

Slab piers are push piers that are installed under a slab foundation with the same benefits.

The piers are installed into a deep, stable soil to level and stabilize your home, which lifts the concrete slab and interior walls.

Slab piers are a life-long, underpinning solution that can be installed. Moreover, this solution minimizes mess and stress to your home and landscaping.

foundation repair methodsCarbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Strips

Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement is a carbon fiber strip that is glued to a bowed basement wall. The Carbon Fiber system is 10-times stronger than steel and is installed flat against your bowed or cracked walls. The unique straps are flexible, which allows them to mold to your basement walls. In conclusion, the reinforcement gives you a strong and long lasting wall stabilization solution.

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