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Did the Virginia Earthquake Crack Your Foundation?

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Foundation Cracks Virginia Earthquake 2011

Foundation Cracks Virginia EarthquakeEveryone along the eastern seaboard felt the ground rumble on August 23, 2011. While many of us checked on friends and family, and did a quick check of the inside of your home, did you remember to check your foundation?

That tremor could have created some foundation problems and damage that need to be repaired. Take a look for brick cracks, concrete cracks or other foundation cracks on the outside of your home. Then take a quick look inside your home for drywall cracks, sloping or uneven floors and newly stuck windows and doors.

If you find any of these things, call your local, trusted foundation repair contractor.

Earthquakes happen in Virginia more often than you think…

Virginia is located in the middle of a tectonic plate which means that we have an earthquake every so often. While we won’t experience a 5.8 magnitude earthquake every day, Virginia has earthquakes more often then you may think.

Since Virginia became a state, there have been over 300 recorded earthquakes. In fact, here’s the recent earthquake activity that has taken place in the Commonwealth:

1897 – 6.0 magnitude quake in Pearisburg

1959 – 3.8 magnitude earthquake in Giles County

1997 – 2.5 magnitude tremor in Manassas

2003 – 4.5 magnitude quake was recorded in central Virginia, between Richmond, Farmville and Charlottesville

2001 – 3.2 magnitude tremor in Charlottesville and Culpeper

2011 – 5.8 magnitude earthquake which centered in Mineral, Virginia however it was felt throughout the state, from Hampton Roads to Northern Virginia.

We’re Local & Can Help!

Since we’ve provided foundation repair solutions in your area, we know how to fix them. And we’ve been in business for over 20 years, so we have experience repairing foundation damage caused by other Virginia earthquakes. We serve the entire Virginia area (check out our areas of service here), and we’d love the opportunity to help you with your foundation.

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