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Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Explained

You’ve more than likely heard the buzz surrounding carbon fiber foundation repair. It’s the newest and most efficient way to repair your foundation and you’re probably wondering if it’s true. However, it depends on the type of foundation problem.

Carbon Fiber Foundation RepairIn particular, this repair system can be the best solution to certain types of foundation problems. It’s typically used in basement foundation repair when there’s a horizontal wall crack or slightly bowed wall.

To clarify, carbon fiber foundation repair involves installing a carbon strap on the basement wall. We use Carbon Fiber, which is a state-of-the-art carbon fiber material that’s 10-times stronger than steel. It uses the same technology as that used by the U.S. Department of Defense to reinforce bomb shelters, sky scrapers and bridges. carbon fiber wall system

Furthermore, the strips are glued onto your basement walls with an epoxy resin. This absorbs any pressure from the walls, which will prevent damage to the floors or ceilings – as can occur with the installation of an I-Beam reinforcement system.

Installation of the carbon fiber foundation repair system takes less than a day. Once Carbon Fiber is installed, you can cover it up with paint or drywall after stabilization.

As is the case with any foundation repair, it’s important to consult with an expert to find out if carbon fiber foundation repair is the best solution to your home’s problem.

Basement Wall Solutions by Professionals

Some of the solutions we may recommend for bowed walls include Carbon Fiber, JES Wall Anchors and IntelliBrace. However, the solution to everyone’s foundation problem is different. Make sure to speak with an expert to find the best solution for your basement walls.

JES – Your Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

request a free inspection for carbon fiber foundation repair explainedIf you’re not sure of the source of your foundation problem, give us a call at 757-301-4820, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

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