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How To Clean-Up Your Flooded Crawl Space or Basement

Flooded Crawl Space Cleanup

Did a storm leave you with a wet crawl space or flooded basement?

You can clean-up the mess on your own, however it’s best to consult with an expert to prevent it from happening again.

From How To Dry Out A Wet Crawl Space, here are four steps to flooded crawl space cleanup:

  1. Stop any water from entering your crawl space. Look around for foundation cracks, fix leaking pipes and seal up vents. If you find a foundation crack, that’s a sign that you have a structural problem.
  2. Remove excess moisture. Use a pump to remove puddles and flooding and check the grading around your home.
  3. Clean-up! Remove wet insulation, debris and disinfect your crawl space.
  4. Encapsulate your crawl space. Seal up your crawl space from the ground up – this will help prevent moisture from entering and creating a mess. Don’t forget to do your research before installing a solution. Cheap vapor barriers end up creating more problems instead of providing a solution.

What About My Basement?

Don’t have a crawl space? Here are five steps to drying out your basement. Want to learn more? Check out the article How To Clean A Flooded Basement.

  1. Air out the space and open up your basement windows. Don’t forget to close up the windows when you’re done cleaning.
  2. Drain the water. This is a delicate process since if the water is removed too quickly you could end up with a collapsed basement wall.
  3. Remove water-damaged items and debris.
  4. Dry out your basement. Using blowers or a dehumidifier, get rid of any excess moisture in the air.
  5. Clean every surface! It’s important to disinfect all of the exposed surfaces in your basement. Flood water could bring in bacteria and viruses in addition to creating the ideal environment for mold growth. A mixture of bleach and water should disinfect most surfaces.

Once you’re finished drying out your basement, you’ll want to put a waterproofing plan into place. This could involve installing French Drains, a sump pump or even new airtight basement windows. When in doubt give a basement waterproofing expert a call.

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