Why Should I Tackle Floor Joist Repair Now?

Some people might feel reluctant to handle floor joist problems as soon as they notice them. That’s usually because it can seem like an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that doesn’t feel worth it. The fact is it’s much better to handle it now than it is later.

There are many reasons why you should contact JES as soon as possible to handle your floor joist repairs. 

The Cheapest Option

Although it may feel like it’s expensive, floor joist repair is your cheapest option when you take advantage of it. Think about it: are you really expecting the price of the fix to go down by ignoring it?

If you ignore floor joist problems, you’re inviting in additional problems. These problems can be just about anything, but extreme problems can lead to something as dramatic as your floor caving in. That’s going to be more expensive to fix.

Overall, it’s cheaper to fix your floor joist problems right now. Crawl space joist repair from JES is simply the best option for your family and your home. 

A True Safety Concern

You may not really know what’s going on with your floor joist problems. Even if you know you have these problems because you have sagging floors or the floor in certain areas feels bouncy, you might not really know what’s going on until you talk to a floor joist repair contractor.

What if the floor joist has wood rot? What if it has mold and mildew? What if you have termites? These are all potential safety concerns.

Instead of just wondering about these concerns, you need to address them head-on. It’s important to handle floor joist problems at their source, and that’s exactly what a JES crawl space repair professional can do. 

Tackle All Potential Problems at the Same Time

Do you have tertiary problems you’re dealing with in your crawl space? Many homeowners aren’t sure. A cracked floor joist could indicate further problems you didn’t know about.

Whether these problems are expansive soil, poorly poured concrete, crawl space moisture, or something else, it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with. That way, you’ll at least be able to handle your problems.

A free inspection from a JES expert will turn up any problems you didn’t know about and give you an update on any problems you did. From there, you can handle all those problems at once.

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