Why Should I Fix My Basement Sump Pump?

With so many sump pump issues out there, why should you fix your basement sump pump in the first place? There are plenty of reasons that fixing your basement sump pump can be a great decision, whether or not you have a problem right now.

Prevention Is Better Than a Fix 

The biggest reason to make sure your basement sump pump is working properly is that prevention is always going to be better than fixing something far down the line. This is why people wear seatbelts and helmets — preventing damage in the first place will always be better than scrambling to fix the damage after it occurs.

Not only is prevention better than a fix, but it’s also usually cheaper. Even a very high-end sump pump, which you may or may not need depending on your individualized basement issues, can be less expensive than the expense of cleaning out your basement once you’ve had a flooded basement or some other sump pump-related concern.

Basement Flooding Can Cause Huge Amounts of Damage 

It’s a bad idea to underestimate how much damage basement flooding can truly cause. Unfortunately, many people figure basement flooding won’t do much damage, especially if they don’t really store much in their basement. It’s common for people to ignore basement flooding and the potential damage it can cause because they figure it won’t be that bad even if it does happen to them.

Remember, basement flooding can cause absolutely awe-inspiring amounts of damage. Water in your foundation is never a good thing; if standing water backs up too much, it can even cause cracks in your foundation from the inside, which are much more difficult to fix. Remember that basement flooding is a huge deal and you should avoid it.

A Non-Working Sump Pump Can Cause Flooding 

Aside from these important reasons, you might want to know something even more important: If your sump pump stops working properly, that can actually cause flooding rather than avoid flooding. The sump pump system uses a complicated method of drawing out water and filtering it out of the basement. If any of this process messes up, it’s possible for you to end up with more flooding.

Backing up of the sump pump is absolutely a concern if you’ve never invested time or money into your sump pump system. Would you rather invest a little bit into your system, or would you rather deal with the fallout when your sump pump inevitably has an issue and may even start to pump water back into the basement?

Malfunctioning Sump Pumps Can Reduce Your Home’s Value 

If you don’t foresee selling your home anytime soon, this may not seem like an important point, but it definitely is. You don’t want to maintain something in your home that will reduce its value, whether that’s over a short or long period of time.

The process to add to your home’s value is usually very complicated, and it’s rarely an easy one. However, adding a sump pump in your basement, especially if you’re at high risk for a basement flood, is relatively easy, all things considered. Installing a sump pump should be an extremely important part of your home improvement.

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