Why Do I Have Leaking Basement Floor Cracks?

Some people may not be sure what’s happening to cause these cracks in the basement floor and the leaking water. Indeed, these cracks can show up for seemingly no reason, which makes it difficult to pin down the reason for your leaking basement floor.

When you have a leaking basement floor, it’s usually because you’re having one or more of these three problems. 

House Settling

The first major problem is house settling. House settling happens in many homes to a small extent; it’s natural for the soil underneath the home to compress a little bit over time, especially because your home is so heavy. However, the problem comes when this normal compression happens too much.

It’s especially common for you to start experiencing house settling if your home stands on unstable soil or if the construction company didn’t prepare the area well enough before starting to build the foundation. If you’re starting to see significant amounts of house settling, you can start to see cracks everywhere in your home including in your basement floor, which can start to leak water. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

This is the pressure that water exerts when it’s at rest. Water is extremely heavy, and therefore it exerts a lot of pressure, even when it’s not raining or flooding or even moving. The water that collects in your home outside of your basement itself exerts a substantial amount of pressure, and that pressure can eventually crack a basement floor. Then the water can start seeping through the basement floor cracks which can lead to mold and mildew issues as well.

The best way to fight against hydrostatic pressure is to install a system that can relieve that hydrostatic pressure without allowing the water into your home. Because it’s a problem that impacts a lot of homes, it’s a problem that there is an answer to. It’s important to talk to an expert to discover that answer so you can fix it. 

Poor Support Design

Another potential cause comes in the form of poor support design. When the construction team initially built your home, someone had to design the home. That also means designing where the foundation walls would go, where floor joists would go, and where the home’s weight would largely fall.

If the designer didn’t properly space out the support, that can lead to very serious support problems. One of those problems can include a crack in the basement floor as too much pressure is exerted on it. You may be able to alleviate this pressure by additional support systems to help take the pressure off, but that requires a professional’s touch.

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