The Causes of Floor Joist Issues

Why do you have problems with your floor joists? This can be a question that’s hard to answer for many homeowners who might not have a lot of knowledge regarding their homes. It is, however, an important question to answer.

If you want to maintain your home, you need to get to the root of the problem. These are some of the most common reasons to need floor joist repair.

Moisture and Humidity

These are extremely common concerns that cause people to look for floor joist repair companies. It’s very common for people to have problems with moisture and humidity underneath their homes, and that moisture can, unfortunately, wreak havoc on floor joists.

Moisture is an effective way to start harboring mold, mildew and wood rot. All these things are very bad for your floor joists, and all of them are also bad for your health. If you want to make sure your home’s floor joists stay stable, you’ll need to make sure you’re combatting moisture in any areas of your home including your crawl space as soon as you notice it.

The Weight of Your Home

A home obviously weighs a lot, and your floor joists need to be able to handle that weight. However, whether through poor products or poor design, it’s possible that your floor joists don’t have the stability they need to support that weight.

As a homeowner, you need to make sure your home can support the weight you put on it. If you suddenly add additional weight, as you might during home improvement, you may end up with a cracked floor joist that can seriously impact your home’s overall stability.

Poor Support Design

Another problem you may run into is poor support design. The individuals who designed your home needed to position floor joists properly and the construction workers needed to carry out those proper plans effectively.

If you had a poor design or a poor carry-out, you may end up with floor joist problems. That’s because overspanned floor joists can be a serious issue that can put too much weight on your foundation. If you have poor support design from the beginning, you might start to see these issues.

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