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Sinking Concrete Fixes

What can you do to fix these problems? Sinking concrete can be concerning, but many homeowners don’t take action because they aren’t even sure what a professional would be able to do for sinking concrete repair.

There are a few things an expert can do to help bolster your sinking concrete. They have various levels of success.


In some situations, the only fix may be to fully replace the concrete. This might happen if the concrete already has extensive cracks and breaks, or if the soil underneath was so poorly prepared that there’s no way for the concrete to retain its shape.

This typically isn’t the first thing an expert will recommend. Not only is it unwieldy and expensive, but it also may not address the actual problem. The problem might come back, depending on the reason for it.

If a JES expert believes that replacement is the only way to fix your sunken concrete, they’ll let you know. However, typically, there are more cost-efficient and labor-efficient options when it comes to sinking concrete repair.

Pressure Grouting

This option, also called “mudjacking,” is an old-fashioned method of concrete leveling. Essentially, pressure grouting requires drilling soda can-sized holes across the concrete slab, then pumping in cement grout and waiting for it to dry.

Although this was the preferred option for a long time, it’s falling out of use as more accessible options come into play. Pressure grouting is very invasive, and it can take several days for it to cure, during which you can’t walk or drive on the concrete surface.

Many professionals no longer use pressure grouting because of its inefficient nature. If you draw on the expertise of a JES professional, you’ll be able to find a better solution that will more effectively meet your needs.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

With a polyurethane foam injection, an expert will drill a few penny-sized holes into the concrete, then inject a polyurethane mixture into it. The mixture will dry in roughly 15 minutes, and it can even seal the slabs from future water damage.

This is the preferred JES method because it’s non-invasive, quick to cure and lightweight. No matter what surface you’re leveling, a polyurethane foam injection may be able to bring it back up to its previous levels.

When you request a free inspection from JES, a JES professional will let you know whether your sunken concrete may be able to benefit from a polyurethane foam injection. This is typically the most effective solution for sunken concrete.