Reasons to Fix It Now

If you’re worried about spending the money necessary to truly fix your sunken concrete problems, you may be wondering why you need to fix it now. After all, why fix something if it’s not actively causing you problems?

There are a lot of reasons to perform home repairs before they become unmanageable. Performing sinking concrete repair early will provide a host of benefits.

No Replacement Required

If your sunken concrete gets to a point where it has substantial cracks throughout, you might not be able to use polyurethane foam injections to re-level it. Even if you don’t see the cracks, they might show up upon leveling.

At this point, the only option might be to completely replace the concrete. Replacement can be extremely expensive, very time-consuming and annoyingly invasive. It’s cheaper and easier to just fix it now.

When you contact a JES expert to perform a free inspection, you’ll be able to learn whether your sunken concrete can still benefit from polyurethane foam injections. If you get in contact early, it almost certainly can.

No Tripping or Balance Concerns 

You might not have tripped on your sinking concrete yet, but what’s going to happen as it continues to sink? Even if you don’t have existing tripping or balance problems, you never know what’s going to happen if your shoe catches on an unfortunate edge.

This is also a big problem for individuals with balance-related issues, including people who use canes or walkers and people with poor balance. You probably want to make sure your home is an inviting place, and that’s a problem you need to address.

It’s better to deal with this problem before you trip and break something. A JES expert can help you level your sunken concrete back to the place where it used to be. That’ll help you ease your fears regarding the potential for tripping.

Avoiding Structural Issues

If you have a sinking basement floor, you’re at high risk for foundation problems. Whether you’ve noticed foundation issues or not, you need to make sure you’re not leaving those problems until it’s much too late to fix it.

Tackling these problems as early as possible will make sure that your foundation stays intact throughout the years. If there are any problems, it’s much easier to handle those problems if you find them very early.

It’s tough to know whether you have foundation problems without an inspection. You can schedule a free inspection through JES today, which will make it easier to determine exactly what problems you’re facing and how you can fix them.

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