Other Foundation Failure Signs

Foundation crack inspection is an important part of your inspection, but cracks aren’t the only things you should be paying attention to. You also need to pay attention to other problems that could be showcasing serious foundation failure.

As you do your home inspection, keep an eye out for these additional measures of foundation failure. 

  • Dislocated Wiring, Plumbing, or Lines

Not only can these be a safety concern all by themselves, but they can also showcase serious foundation failure. That’s because dislocated wiring, plumbing and lines typically only happen if the structure is experiencing very serious settlement or movement. Keep an eye out for these and verify with the homeowner that there hasn’t been any external force that could have dislocated these lines. 

  • Broken Structural Connections

It’s very important that the structure stays on top of the foundation. However, if you notice the structure has shifted off that foundation, that means there are serious foundation problems of some kind inside it. If you see a shifting structure on top of the foundation or slab, or you discover broken sill bolts, it’s a good idea to consult a JES foundation repair expert for your next steps.

  • Bowed Walls

Bowing of any kind is an important thing to pay attention to. Bulges, which are an isolated section of the wall that pushes out, can be a moderate foundation concern if it’s less than an inch and a half. However, if you see the wall bowing outward, it means there’s too much pressure on the inside. It’s important to talk to a JES expert to discover the source of that pressure and see if you can relieve it. 

  • Leaning Walls

In some cases, you might see the walls leaning slightly inward or outward. Any leaning is important to tackle as soon as possible because it means there’s some form of structural damage. However, it’s especially vital that you start structural repairs if the lean is more than a quarter of an inch. A JES expert can help you learn more about how to fix it.

  • Wall Leaks

One vitally important thing to pay attention to is any foundation cracks that allow water into the crawl space or basement. Water loves to get into places where it shouldn’t be, and that includes crawl spaces and foundations. If you’re seeing water leaking into a basement, it’s going to cause all sorts of problems, potentially including structural concern down the line.

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