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How Do I Fix Leaking Basement Floor Cracks?

If you believe your basement floor may be leaking, you can reach out to the professionals in your area for guidance. You’ll want to act quickly to try and prevent the water damage in your basement from spreading to your structural supports. 

With that in mind, do not try to install a DIY basement floor repair solution. If you do, you risk exacerbating the damage already done to your home. While some DIY projects can save you money in the long run, trying to fix a leak in your basement can cost you a pretty penny in materials and additional repairs, should you fail to implement your initial solutions effectively. 

Alternatives to Home DIY Repair 

Instead of using a DIY solution to attend to the superficial problem of your basement floor leak, you can work with a professional to determine which of the following solutions might suit your home best: 

  • Concrete patches. If you want to quickly attend to a leak in your basement, you can discuss using a concrete patch with a professional on duty. Concrete patches are not long-term solutions for a basement leak. Instead, they buy you time while you explore your options or otherwise attend to more significant damage causing problems elsewhere in your basement or foundation. 
  • Foundation piers. If you believe your foundation may have suffered significant damage and let water into your home, you can discuss foundation piers with the professional contractors in your area. Contractors can install piers beneath your foundation by first excavating around said foundation and then installing the durable steel pier sections down below those areas that have seen the most damage. You’ll have the option to choose from a myriad of piering types, but all of them will work to take some of the weight of your home off of a damaged foundation.  

Water makes its way up into your basement from your foundation courtesy of hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can both cause your foundation to crack and water levels below your home to rise into the space that said pressure opens up. As such, standing water in your basement can be indicative of either damage done to the basement itself or down in your foundation.