How Do I Choose the Right Sump Pump?

Sump pump fixes start with making sure you choose the right sump pump. When you first go to pick out your basement’s sump pump, keep these things in mind so you can choose the right sump pump for your needs.  

Don’t Opt for Just the Cheapest Option 

Too many homeowners go to the hardware store and choose whichever option is the cheapest without stopping to consider whether the cheapest option could actually be one of the most low-quality options. It’s important that when you’re trying to choose a basement sump pump, you keep in mind the quality of the product as well as the price.

Of course, price should be an important part of your decision. Different people have different budgets, and even someone with a very low budget should be able to get a high-quality sump pump. However, if all you’re looking at is the price, you’ll almost certainly end up with a sump pump that doesn’t actually help and doesn’t make it easier to keep your basement water-free.

Determine What Works for Your Basement 

What things work for your basement specifically? This is a hard question to answer by yourself; chances are, as a homeowner, you may not always know what works for your basement. More than likely, if you even have a sump pump, you chose whichever sump pump someone else recommended for you.

Many homeowners have this problem. Unfortunately, too many homeowners have started to delegate the basement process to experts without even asking questions. Although it’s good to invite an expert into your home to help you with basement problems you don’t know much about, it’s not good to just accept everything they say without double-checking.  

Educate Yourself Before You Make a Choice 

Learning more about how basement waterproofing works could be very beneficial when you’re trying to understand sump pumps. It’s astonishingly common to find a homeowner — often even a homeowner with a sump pump — who has really no idea what a sump pump is or how it benefits the basement, just that it needs to be there.

Before you make your choice, take the time to educate yourself. At home, you can look up some articles and videos that can explain the importance of sump pumps. If you’re at the end of an inspection from a JES expert, you can ask your questions directly. These questions might be more specific to your home or more general to sump pumps as a whole. 

Contact an Expert to Learn More About Sump Pump Options 

There are many ways to install a sump pump — you have to pay attention to the installation location, the size of the sump pump you choose, the way it’s connected to your sewer system or the outside, the power of the motor, whether or not it has an alarm, and much more. That’s exactly why you need an expert, who can give you all this information firsthand.

Your sump pump options may seem almost unlimited, which can be a scary thing to encounter when you don’t know much about sump pumps. Work with a JES basement waterproofing expert, who has a lot of training regarding sump pumps and other basement waterproofing tools, so you can learn more about your options and feel truly educated.

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