Could I Fix My Rusted Water Heater on My Own?

Many people consider whether they might be able to fix their rusted water heater on their own time with a DIY fix. The problem is, there are a wide variety of issues you could actually cause with a DIY fix.  

Breaking Things Even More 

The most prominent problem, and the reason most DIYers don’t end up fixing large projects like this on their own, is because that option comes with a significant potential price. If you make even one small misstep, especially when dealing with something as complex as a water heater or a basement as a whole, you run the risk of breaking your water heater even more than it had been previously.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal. If you break the water heater even more, you turn a relatively small and fairly simple problem into something that may cost thousands of dollars and take many days to fix. If you would instead just turn the project over to an educated basement waterproofing expert who knows what they’re doing, you can avoid these concerns with your rusty water heater. 

Fixing Only Part of the Problem  

A less common but still possible problem is the option that you might fix the problem, but only partially. The problem here isn’t in the fact that you did a partial fix; in fact, that’s the good thing about it. The bad thing about it is that in fixing only part of the problem, you’ll probably assume you fixed the entire thing, then not pay attention to worsening problems in the future.

Any time you’re fixing something, especially a vital home structure, it’s extremely important that you fix the whole thing down to the bottom. If you only partially fix the problem, it’s probable that you’ll end up with a significant issue down the line because the root of the problem will continue to fester and grow, and you’re probably not going to be handling it. 

Requiring Multiple “Fixes”  

This is a very common issue that arises with DIY problems. You have a problem, and to “fix” it yourself is about half as expensive as to turn to a professional. You decide on the DIY solution, and before you know it, the “simple” DIY solution has turned into something that’s taken twice as much money and substantially more time than just calling the professional in the first place.

The truth is that when you do a project yourself, you’re substantially more likely to end up with a project that takes more than one “final fix.” If you contact a basement waterproofing professional, you’ll instead be able to rely on the fact that they’ll only need one pass to construct an accurate and complete solution. Which one would you rather choose? 

Spending More Money, Time, and Energy  

The common denominator among all of these DIY issues is that they end up spending more money, time, and energy on the project when taken as a whole. Sure, that may be spread out over a large period of time, but it’s still a pretty significant effort you could have avoided if you had chosen a professional.

This is especially important because DIY solutions are often thought of as a cheaper and easier method of fixing the problem. In fact, most of the time, you’re going to end up with a fix that’s even more expensive and less effective. Would you rather just choose a professional from the get-go, or would you rather spend a lot of money, time, and fruitless effort trying to fix a problem you essentially caused in the first place?

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