Can I Put Off Fixing My Efflorescence Issues?

Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of money on a home repair. That’s why many people instead want to put off the fix if possible. When you’re dealing with efflorescence, it’s vital that you fix it as soon as you discover these problems. Otherwise, your efflorescence problems could develop into something much more serious.

Warning Signs

Efflorescence is itself a warning sign. This isn’t something you can ignore; it’s a warning sign that directly lets you know something is wrong. You should be taking advantage of that warning so you can make sure it doesn’t impact you more than it already has.

In reality, efflorescence is truly a blessing. Sure, it’s frustrating to have to spend money on fixing it. However, you’ll spend much less money fixing it at this stage than you would if you were to wait until it turned into a flooded basement or cracked wall.

When you contact JES for an inspection as soon as you discover efflorescence, you can catch problems as soon as they’re starting. Instead of waiting until something goes drastically wrong and then having to fix it from the ground up, efflorescence gives you the opportunity to fix things from the start.


This might not be your number one problem, but it’s one to keep in mind. If you choose not to fix the efflorescence in your basement or other areas, you’re going to have to keep looking at it. Even if you brush it off regularly, you’ll still have to see it whenever you haven’t brushed it away or when it comes back.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the basement, efflorescence on basement walls can be very upsetting. After all, you’ve created a space where you can go when you want to just hang out. Efflorescence is intruding on that space.

Sure, the aesthetics of your home may take second place to the structural integrity, but they’re an important component, nonetheless. JES can help you understand where the efflorescence is coming from and formulate a plan to stop it in the future.

Water Damage

The biggest problem associated with efflorescence is water damage. Because efflorescence directly has to do with water, it means your home is under assault from water damage. That may be very serious, like groundwater seeping under your foundation, or less serious, like porous concrete allowing small amounts of water inside.

Regardless of how serious the water damage issues are, it’s important to approach them as soon as possible. You don’t want to just leave water damage. If you do, you risk the possibility of having it turn into something extremely serious in the future, such as foundation structure problems.

Instead, JES can help you determine the extent of the water damage and what you need to do to contain it. Whether that means an all-out sealant for the entire foundation or just a few changes here and there, JES can help you understand what you need to do to fix current water damage and prevent future damage.

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