Can I Fix Water in My Basement Cove on My Own?

The vast number of DIY fixes available online has led some people to believe they might be able to fix water in their basement coves on their own. However, this isn’t a great option. Here are a few things that can happen if you choose a DIY basement cove fix over a fix from a professional. 

Worsen the Problem  

One of the most obvious issues that can occur is simply that you can worsen the problem. The already-existing problem is bad enough, but what can happen when you make it even worse? If you tinker with it on your own, you’re bound to find out.

This can be anything from accidentally opening a wider crack in your basement, which can cause even more water flow from the outside, to causing concrete spalling and chipping on the surface of the basement. No matter how you worsen the problem or what happens next, you never want to do this in your basement. 

Clear Only the Surface-Level Problem 

Sometimes, it might seem like you fixed the problem, at least for a while. You might even be very happy with how “well” you fixed the problem in question. However, much of the time, you’ve only fixed whatever’s happening on the surface. The problems lying underneath have still gone very much undisturbed.

This can make it very difficult for you to realize that there’s still a problem. All the while, your basement walls will still bear the weight of the water, and they’ll still be straining under it. It’s crucial that you fix the underlying problem, not just the surface one, and an expert will do that for you.

Break an Unrelated Thing in Your Basement  

There are boundless ways you can break things in your basement; it’s not just limited to accidentally breaking your walls or messing up the waterproofing further. Instead, you might end up taking a DIY tutorial the wrong way and accidentally breaking something completely unrelated in your basement. 

What will you do if you bring a ladder into the basement, for example, and the ladder hits the wall and knocks out a chunk? Now your wall has a giant chunk missing, and you’re still no closer to fixing the problem than you were before. This is just a single example of the ways in which you can accidentally break things in your basement while trying to fix it, and it’s by no means the only example.

Leave the Door Open for Future Problems  

The last big problem you might experience while trying to DIY a fix is the fact that you might end up causing an opening for future problems. After all, while your problems might be pretty obvious right now, there are many ways in which these problems can become more confusing. What should you do, for example, if you have hairline cracks, but seemingly no water pouring through them? 

In general, one of the biggest concerns that comes with a DIY fix is the fact that it can be difficult to ascertain whether it’s useful. When you perform a DIY fix, you’re not usually fixing anything. Instead, a basement waterproofing expert will have to come along later and fix your “cure” to help you along on the right path. That’s why choosing a basement waterproofing expert first is the best option for your basement needs.

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