Can I Fix the Basement Myself?

This age of DIYs has created a fair number of people who believe it’s possible for them to fix their basements on their own. However, this isn’t a good idea. These are just a few of the reasons you should rely on a basement waterproofing expert.

A Wide Variety of Possible Culprits 

The first reason you shouldn’t try to fix your basement yourself is the fact that there are many possible culprits for wet drywall. Sure, the wet drywall may be exclusively because your basement flooded, but there might also be other problems you can’t see anymore because of the flooding. To the layman’s eye, this can be a difficult thing to figure out.

It’s also possible that you could see a problem where there is none. What happens if you see a crack in the wall, then fix that crack and assume you fixed the problem, but that wasn’t actually what was causing the wet drywall? You may rest easy, but the problem is getting worse. That’s why you should trust trained basement waterproofing professionals.

The Possibility of Making the Problem Worse 

Whenever you try to fix something on your own when you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the problem, it’s always possible that you could just make it worse. After all, you may not know how the inside of your home works. It’s possible that, in trying to fix the problem as a whole, you could end up making it much worse.

This possibility should definitely preclude you from attempting a fix on your own, especially a fix for something as potentially serious as wet drywall. A fix that would be generally affordable and simple can become much more expensive and a multi-day affair if you try to fix it, then make the problem worse. You should only rely on a JES waterproofing expert for this reason.

The Possibility of Only Partially Fixing the Problem 

It’s possible that you might fix the problem on your own when you try to fix the issue. However, it’s also possible that you could fix part of the problem. This might even be more dangerous than making the problem worse, because it usually means that you’ll leave the problem alone, feeling like you’ve fixed it entirely.

The problem comes later when you realize you haven’t fixed it. During the time that’s elapsed, the home will have continued to fall into disrepair. You may end up with a much worse problem in your basement, like serious foundational issues, because you didn’t properly address the issues you were initially dealing with.

Cheap Fixes That Aren’t Really Cheap 

It’s common for people to invest in cheap fixes in an attempt to fix their wet drywall. For example, if someone has serious waterproofing problems, they might try to fix it by simply replacing the drywall. This is much cheaper than calling in an expert and looking for the actual problem, which might need an extreme fix and could cost even more money after all is said and done.

However, the biggest problem is that these cheap fixes definitely aren’t really cheap. Sure, they might look cheap at the front end, but are they really? More likely than not, you’ll have to invest in these cheap fixes over and over again, eventually spending more than you would have if you had just called in a basement waterproofing expert. That’s why you need to avoid fixes that look cheap and easy, because chances are, they’re neither of these things.

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