Can I Fix My Wet Basement Carpet Myself?

The DIY mindset has made people think fixing things themselves is always possible or preferable to getting an expert. In this situation, that’s not possible, and it’s important to recognize what can arise if you try to do it yourself.  

Making the Problem Worse 

One of the biggest problems that can arise if you try to fix the problem on your own is unintentionally making the problem worse. Sure, you probably have a variety of YouTube videos and helpful DIY articles that will give you a head start, but do you actually know what you’re doing, or are you just rooting around randomly? 

If you make this problem worse, it’s going to be more difficult and more expensive to fix it. You could turn a relatively minor problem into something that might require thousands of dollars and multiple days to fix. Instead, contact a basement waterproofing expert to help you figure out what to do next. 

Not Addressing the Real Problem  

Another problem that tends to hide under the surface is the problem that you might not actually fix what’s going on. Sure, you might think you’ve fixed the problem, but have you actually? Or, in your quest to fix the problem on your own without really having an understanding of the process, have you instead hidden the true problem? 

It’s unfortunately common for a layman to believe that the problem is one thing when it’s actually another. If you think you’ve fixed the problem, watch out, because the problem might be much deeper than that. One of the biggest problems here is that it might make you complacent because you believe the problem is no longer happening, so you’re not going to be on the lookout for any extra problems.  

Damaging Something Else in the Process 

Although this is less common, it’s still something that can easily happen. What do you do if you’re trying to fix the problem, and in the process, you cause a different and less easy-to-fix problem? For example, you might bring in a ladder to reach a high pipe and in the process knock your ladder onto the wall, breaking free some pieces of concrete and causing a chip in the wall. 

These bits of damage aren’t extremely common, but they can happen. If a professional basement waterproofing expert comes to your home and causes damage to another piece of your basement, they’re liable for that damage. If you do it, you’re now liable for the original damage and for the new damage, which can be a very frustrating position to be in. 

Investing in a “Cheap Fix”  

The allure of a “cheap fix” is something that pulls in many people to DIY fixes. After all, if you can fix your basement water problem without spending a lot of money, why wouldn’t you want to try this fix instead of a much more expensive one from a professional? Of course, the problem with these cheap fixes is that they’re rarely cheap and they’re rarely fixes. 

Most often, these cheap fixes are more of a bandage. They help to stem the tide for a little while, but they don’t actually fix anything. Instead, they just put the problem off for anywhere from a few days to a few months. However, when they come back — and they definitely will — you’ll have to spend more money, time and energy to re-install a fix that was never a fix at all.

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