Can I Fix Efflorescence Myself?

Any type of home repairs tend to get pretty expensive pretty fast. To avoid those expenses, many homeowners want to try a DIY option before committing to an expensive professional fix. But the fact is, fixing efflorescence is an issue best left to the professionals. It’s a serious home problem that needs professional attention to fix.

You Can’t Just Wipe It Off

Most DIY “fixes” for efflorescence only fix the surface problems. That typically means just wiping off the white, chalky external signs of efflorescence. These DIY options don’t fix the problem.

At the end of the day, the chalky bloom of efflorescence is a symptom of an ongoing problem. If you just wipe off the external signs, you’re not dealing with the problem. Not only will it come back, but it can come back in an even more serious fashion, leading to significant home problems.

When you trust a professional company like JES, you know the company isn’t going to just wipe off the external signs and call it a day. Instead, you know you’ll get an in-depth explanation of what’s going on, and JES will take steps to truly fix it.

You May Not Have the Right Tools

Typically, fixing efflorescence in basement walls, in your crawl space, or in your foundation requires sealing. You need to seal the walls, joints, cracks or anywhere else that’s letting in moisture.

This sealing process requires very specialized tools and materials that most DIY homeowners simply don’t have access to. Even renting these tools can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, which can eventually equal and even surpass the cost of hiring a professional.

Professional companies have all these tools because the tools are their livelihood. JES has invested the money necessary to build this backlog of tools, which is why it may even be less expensive to use JES.

A Professional Will Know How to Fix It

Specialists from professional companies like JES understand how to fix these problems. While there’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to fix efflorescence, it is best left to the professionals.

Trying to DIY a fix when you don’t actually know how to fix the thing you’re trying to fix will just lead to more problems. In home repair, when you cause more problems, that usually means hundreds or even thousands of dollars you’ll have to spend.

Instead of potentially causing even more problems, you can get in contact with JES and make sure the problems are fixed the very first time.

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