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Benefits of Encapsulation

  • Eliminates Mold Growth
  • Lowers Electric Bills
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Deters Pest and Rodent Infestations
  • Increases Indoor Comfort
  • Eliminates Cold Floors

Why crawl space encapsulation? Crawl space moisture creates an unhealthy, smelly environment that can even be structurally unsound. Damp crawl spaces allow mold and dust mites to thrive, producing airborne spores by the millions, and many of these mold spores are toxic.

Contaminated air from your damp crawl space is drawn up into the living areas of your home, which worsens allery symptoms and indoor air quality. A crawl space without encapsulation also allows pests and rodent infestations, increases your electric bills, and causes those cold floors!

So, what’s the solution? CrawlSeal Crawl Space Encapsulation System, the strongest crawl space vapor barrier on the market! Fix your wet, cold crawl space permanently!

How Does CrawlSeal Work?

The CrawlSeal vapor barrier isolates your home from the earth permanently. Manufactured in 7 layers, this 20-mil-thick material (similar to a pool liner) keeps your crawl space free from moisture, mold, insects, and dirt. It also contains an antimicrobial additive called UltraFresh for added protection. CrawlSeal® also has a 25-year warranty.

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Why Choose JES?

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What Do I Do Next?

Take the first step to a worry-free foundation by requesting your free, no obligation estimate (a $399 value) from JES! Our professional foundation repair experts will evaluate your individual needs and propose a solution tailored to you and your home. And remember, we’re consultants…not salesmen! We’re here to help!

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