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Crawl Space Repair Maryland

We’re your local crawl space repair contractor!

Crawl Space Repair Maryland

When you have a crawl space problem, you want it fixed now! And you want it repaired by a professional who knows your area. Whether you have a wet crawl space, mold, sagging floors or wet insulation we can help! We service the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including these Maryland counties: Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Prince George County, and Howard County, as well as surrounding areas. We serve Silver Spring, Columbia, Germantown, Annapolis, Bethesda, and surrounding areas.

JES is a trusted local company, with over 50,000 homes repaired since 1993. We are HomeAdvisor screened and approved, and are owned and operated by Professional Engineers. Our team of crawl space repair experts have encapsulated and fixed crawl spaces throughout Maryland, so we know what problems can come up and the best way to economically fix them!

You don’t have to live with stressful crawl space problems, learn how you can save yourself time and money by requesting a professional crawl space evaluation and receiving your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Crawl Space Repair.

Crawl Space Repair Maryland – Your Local, Trusted Expert

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Crawl Space Repair Maryland – Verified Crawl Space Contractors

Crawl Space Repair Maryland - HomeAdvisor Seal - Customer Reviews

If your home needs help, then you need to be able to trust your crawl space repair contractor.

Out of town contractors don’t know about local conditions and may recommend solutions that don’t completely fix the problem.

Homeowners choose JES because they want the best, and want to make sure their home is safe, dry and comfortable for years to come. Click see HomeAdvisor ratings from actual customers!

Crawl Space Repair Maryland – The Problems:

Maryland is prone to extreme dry heat, excessive humidity and a lot of rain. And if your home has a dirt crawl space or you have open crawl space vents, then Maryland’s weather could be making things worse.

Excessive Moisture

Moisture is the root of most crawl space problems. If you vent your crawl space in the summer, when the warmer air hits the cool air in your crawl space it creates condensation. And those vents also let in rain and snow.

Crawl Space Repair Maryland

The Air in Your Crawl Space Doesn’t Stay There

You breathe the air in your crawl space. The air in your crawl space cycles through your home, courtesy of the stack effect. So if you have crawl space humidity or mold, it’s being cycled through the rest of your home. So you’re breathing whatever is pulled up with your crawl space air. Gross!

And if you have a crawl space humidity problem, that moisture is pulled up with the air. As the moisture rises it passes through everything, rotting floor joists, damaging drywall, increasing electric bills, and creating the perfect environment for mold to grow.

So you can see that your nasty, damp crawl space could be creating a big problem.

Crawl Space Repair Maryland – Why Choose JES?

Crawl Space Repair Maryland

We’re known best for being better for a good reason. And it starts with respect. We understand that finding the right crawl space repair contractor is stressful. Who do you trust? And are they really the best choice for you?

We’re here to help you find the best solution for your crawl space – not hard sell you into buying a product you don’t need.

If your home doesn’t need crawl space repair, we’ll tell you. We don’t believe in hiring pushy salesmen. We have crawl space repair experts who have been extensively trained by our team of Professional Engineers to diagnose crawl space and foundation problems and design the best solution for your home. So you can be confident knowing that you’re receiving only the best solution for your foundation problems.

And if you’re still unsure, read what our customers have to say. We’re always happy to provide you with references.

When you’re ready to have someone inspect your Maryland area crawl space, we’d sure appreciate the opportunity to do that for you. Our inspections are free, complete, and professional, and requesting your free inspection only takes 60 seconds. You can also download your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Crawl Space Repair immediately!

Crawl Space Repair Maryland – Crawl Space Solutions by JES

We believe you deserve only the best. All of our crawl space solutions are custom designed for your home, and the unique climate of Maryland. We’ll work with you to create an economical crawl space solution that meets your needs.

Not every crawl space solution requires a product. But when we use a product as a part of a solution, we use only the best!

We’re Here To Help!


If you’re not sure of the source of your Maryland home’s crawl space problems, give us a call at 866-370-4816, and schedule a free inspection.

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