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Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Crawl Space Waterproofing 

crawl space waterproofing

Crawl space water is the source of your crawl space’s #1 enemy – humidity.

Excessive water in your crawl space can come from a wide array of sources. Plumbing leaks, ground water and heavy rain can all find their way into your crawl space. While it is significant to note that the crawl space water itself does not cause problems, it is important you don’t ignore your wet crawl space problem.

Wet crawl spaces should not be ignored because that water will eventually evaporate. Thus, humidity is created. Combating crawl space humidity through crawl space waterproofing methods is necessary, because crawl space humidity is not solely isolated to your crawl space.  In a process known as the stack effect, the humid air created from your crawl space circulates throughout your entire house.

As the humid crawl space air travels through your home it ruins crawl space insulation, rots wood, and creates the perfect environment for mold and dust mites.

If you have been experiencing crawl space problems such as condensation on your windows, sagging floors and wet crawl space insulation then crawl space waterproofing is the answer.

You can find out more about crawl space waterproofing and if it’s the best solution for your home by scheduling a free inspection with one of our professional crawl space waterproofing experts.

Benefits of Crawl Space Waterproofing


Added Selling Feature

Potential buyers are more likely to select the home with the waterproofed crawl space over a home without crawl space waterproofing.


Lower Energy Costs

According to an Advanced Energy study, crawl space waterproofing results in a 15%-20% savings on heating and cooling costs. 


Enhanced Comfort

Crawl Space waterproofing involves sealing off the cold ground with a high quality, thick vapor barrier liner, which allows warmer air to rise above. This added warmth is then transferred to your floors providing added comfort. 


Better Air Quality

Crawl space waterproofing deters mold growth and other allergens. With over 50% of the air you breathe coming from your crawl space, you want to make sure your crawl space air is healthy. 

We now have a crawl space to be proud of and feel very secure that we will not have any future problems. Pauline and I will not hesitate in recommending your company to anybody. We thank you for your services.

~ Burt & Pauline S., Williamsburg, VA

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Free Homeowner's Guide to Crawl Space Repair

Our Homeowner’s Guide to Crawl Space Repair is your resource for learning about why you have crawl space problems, and what to look for to see if you have a problem.

Request your free crawl space repair inspection and download your own copy of the e-book immediately, as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

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