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Crawl Space Sump Pump – Removing Water

sumpp pumpAddressing any standing water or flooding problems is the first step in the crawl space encapsulation process. Before any vapor barrier liners can be laid, vents sealed or dehumidifying units added, your crawl space has to be drained of excess water. By installing a crawl space sump pump, you are ridding your crawl space of stagnate water that has accumulated due to plumbing leaks and rain/snow melting.

The removal of water from your crawl space can be a large undertaking, but a high quality sump system, such as SafeDri Sump, is able to handle the job.


A sump pump is electronically powered and backed up with a battery, making it capable of the heavy lifting needed to keep your crawl space dry.

Unlike many other sump pump systems, the SmartSump contains a reliable pump, alarm system, pump stand, check valve and an airtight lid with a floor drain.

However, the two most important standout features the Safe Dri Sump contains is the covered lid design and the alarm system integration.

The SafeDri Sump Pump’s lid is a great feature because it keeps your crawl space clean and neat and nothing can fall into the sump hole. Plus, having an air-tight sump lid with a drain keeps water vapor sealed in, while allowing water to drain down in the event of a plumping leak.

In the event water was to re-accumulate in the crawl space due to a plumping leak, the homeowner would be notified through the alarm system.

The SafeDri Sump contains a patented battery powered alarm feature called, WaterWatch. The alarm sounds off automatically when the water reaches a level above the point where the pumps should normally turn on.

Overall, if you experience frequent flooding in your crawl space, then you need to have your crawl space encapsulated.Also, you need to have a SafeDri Sump installed if you want a problem free crawl space.

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