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Concrete Step Repair

Concrete Step Repair – Tilted, separated, sunken and crumbled concrete steps signal the need for concrete step repair. Concrete steps in need of repair are not only unsightly, but they are also dangerous for anyone entering or exiting your home. Learn how concrete step repair can keep your family and guests safe from tripping hazards and how to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Concrete Step Repair – Techniques

Concrete step repair is needed to safeguard the integrity of your concrete steps. When concrete steps have major cracks, uneven sections, or are tilted or sunken, we recommend having a professional come out to your home to assess the severity of the situation. Often times a concrete leveling product such as polyurethane foam injection can be injected beneath the concrete to raise sunken steps back to their original position.

Why Choose JES for Concrete Step Repair?

Concrete Step Repair

Often, concrete steps sink or crack when the underlying soil has eroded or compacted. If you simply patch cracks in the concrete steps without fixing this problem, the steps will crack again. A professional foundation inspection is recommended to determine if foundation settlement is present, especially if there are multiple cracks. Next, a plan for improvement will be presented.

Concrete Step Repair – The Solution

At JES, we recommend using polyurethane foam injection for concrete step repair. Traditional methods like mudjacking and slab jacking can lift your concrete stairs, but adding additional dense concrete to raise sinking steps will only add more weight, causing the stairs to sink again. Our polyurethane foam injection only weighs about 4lbs. per cubic ft., compared to 120lbs. per cubic ft. fill material used in mudjacking. Our light weight foam injection has a host of other benefits, too.

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