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Concrete Porch Repair

Your concrete porch is one of the first things people see when it comes to your home’s exterior. In terms of maintaining your curb appeal, an uneven concrete porch can spell disaster for your home’s value. Concrete porch repair is necessary to ensure the longevity of your concrete porch and the safety of your family.

Concrete Porch Repair before and after

Concrete Porch Repair – Causes

Problems associated with concrete are most often attributed to its weight and stiffness in relation to the soil underneath it. If weak and light soil exists underneath a concrete slab then the slab’s weight will push down on the soil, causing the slab to sink below its proper level.

Another reason why concrete slabs sink is if the soil beneath the slab is uneven. Uneven soil creates unequally distributed pressure points through the concrete slab. Meaning, if the slab is well-supported in one area but not in another, cracks and sinking will occur due to the slab’s inability to flex.

Concrete Porch Repair Methods

Concrete Replacement– Concrete porch replacement is a costly and lengthy process. First the area where the concrete will be laid has to be cleared, wooden frame molds have to be measured and set, the concrete itself has to be poured and smoothed using trowels and brooms and then it has to cure (harden), which can take several days or weeks.

Mudjacking– Mudjacking is an old fashioned method of concrete porch repair that is extremely invasive. Mudjacking involves drilling a series of holes about the size of a soda can throughout the concrete slab and pumping them with messy cement filling to attempt to raise your sunken concrete.

Concrete Porch Repair – The Solution

Polyurethane injection is the best concrete porch repair method over mudjacking and concrete replacement due to its many benefits.



weighs 4-6 lbs per cubic foot when installed


Low Cost

a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete lifting prices



fully waterproofed so it cannot washout


Quick Cure time

cures in 15 minutes 

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