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Concrete Patio Repair

As time processes, wear and tear from heavy foot traffic and cycles of freeze and thaw will place a strain on your concrete patio. In addition, these factors will cause your concrete patio to develop cracks affecting the structural integrity of your concrete patio.

Concrete patio repair is necessary to maintain the safety of your family and to safeguard your home’s value. Unless you take the proper steps to fix your patio, things will worsen and the patio will become unsafe.

Concrete Patio Repair  – Traditional vs. Modern Methods

Mudjacking – Traditional Method

Mudjacking is an old fashioned method of concrete leveling. Mudjacking is very invasive and involves drilling multiple holes through out the concert slab, then pumping cement grout into the holes. One of the biggest drawback of this traditional concrete lifting method is that mud jacking is very messy. Also mud-jacking requires holes about the size of soda cans be drilled into your concrete slab. Mudjacking also takes a long time to cure, often taking days, meaning you can’t drive or walk on it for several days after it’s installed.

Polyurathene Foam Injection – Modern Method

concrete patio repair

Polyurethane foam injection is the preferred concrete foundation repair method over mudjacking due to its many benefits.

Quick Cure Time

Unlike mud jacking which takes days to cure, polyurethane foam injection takes roughly 15 mins to cure.


Polyurethane foam injection is fully waterproofed. In fact, polyurethane foam injection can be used to under-seal slabs and stop a variety of infrastructure leaks.


Unlike mudjacking, polyurethane foam injection only involves drilling a few penny sized holes into the concrete slab, making your concrete patio repair less messy.


Polyurethane foam injection only weighs between 4-6 pounds per cubic foot compared to mudjacking that weighs around 120 pounds per cubic foot.

Concrete Patio Repair – The Solution

We recommend polyurethane foam injection to level uneven concrete slabs, patios, porches and more. Since this method is less expensive and time consuming than traditional methods like mudjacking, slab jacking or grout leveling, businesses and homeowners now turn to polyurethane foam injection for their concrete repair needs.

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