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Concrete Lifting System

Concrete Lifting System

Cracked and uneven sidewalks are major tripping hazards. If your home or business looks like this, don’t wait to fix it – you could be liable if someone is injured.

At JES we believe you shouldn’t have to live with sinking, cracking and uneven concrete slabs. Having unsightly surfaces not only decreases your home’s value but they are also dangerous tripping hazards.

In the past, contractors and homeowners had to rely on messy and invasive concrete repair methods like mud jacking and concrete replacement.

However, thanks to modern innovation and technology, there is a new concrete lifting system available that surpasses previous concrete leveling capabilities.

Find out more about our concrete lifting system by scheduling a free assessment with one of our certified inspectors.

Concrete Lifting System – Meet Polyurethane Foam Injection

concrete lifting system

Look at this before and after of a concrete slab driveway. Our concrete lifting system was able to remedy this in under a total of 3 hours!

Polyurethane foam injection is the answer to your sinking, cracking, uneven concrete slabs.

Polyurethane foam injection is the best concrete lifting system for your home and commercial properties.

This polyurethane foam injection system utilizes high density polymers to stabilize and level concrete. This unique system consists of a two part urethane polymer that expands into a sturdy foam.

Concrete Lifting System – How Does It Work

Instead of using a mixture of dense, heavy concrete and mud, as with traditional concrete repair methods such as mud jacking, polyurethane foam injection uses expanding foam.

Modern polyurethane foam injection as a concrete leveling system takes place using four simple steps.


Step 1 – Penny sized holes are drilled in the concrete slab


Step 2 - Foam injection ports are installed


Step 3 – Expanding polyurethane foam is injected to support and level the concrete slab


Step 4 - The drilled holes are patched and smoothed

Concrete Lifting System – Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Injection:

Polyurethane foam injection is the preferred concrete lifting repair method.


Quick Cure Time

Unlike concrete replacement which takes days to cure, polyurethane foam injection takes roughly 15 minutes to cure.



Polyurethane foam injection is fully waterproofed. In fact, polyurethane foam injection can be used to stop a variety of infrastructure leaks.



Polyurethane foam injection only involves drilling a few penny sized holes into the concrete slab, making your concrete repair project less messy.



Polyurethane foam injection only weighs between 4-6 pounds per cubic foot.


Year-Round Installation

Can be installed year-round in a matter of hours.

5 Year Warranty

5-year transferable warranty available.

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At JES Foundation Repair our team of in-house concrete lifting experts have warrantied solutions for all types of concrete slab issues.

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The Experts at JES can Help!

You don’t have to live with uneven concrete. Let the professionals at JES restore and repair your uneven, sinking concrete. Give us a call at 757-301-4820, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

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