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Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete cracks naturally. Therefore, it is inevitable that your home’s concrete foundation will crack overtime as well.

Thanks to this natural process, in addition to soil changes and cycles of freeze/thaw beneath your home, foundation settlement occurs.  

However, as a home or business owner, it is important to monitor your home’s foundation health and take the necessary steps to solve your concrete foundation repair problems by selecting the right concrete foundation repair solution.

Concrete Foundation Repair before and after

Concrete Foundation Repair – Techniques

Concrete repair techniques work to cover minor and major cracks. When cracks are smaller than 1/4-inch, you can apply a concrete patch that covers the damaged area and prevents cracks from worsening. When cracks are larger than 1/4-inch, it’s important to have the area inspected by a professional. These types of cracks may call for a solution like foundation underpinning.

Concrete Foundation Repair Methods

Mudjacking, also referred to as slab jacking, is a concrete foundation repair method where a grout mixture fills the missing gaps underneath the concrete slab and lifts the foundation back to its original level.

Polyurethene Foam Injection
Polyurethane injection is the preferred concrete foundation repair method over slab jacking due to its many benefits.

Concrete Foundation Repair – The Solution

Polyurethane foam injection is THE ANSWER to your concrete foundation problems thanks to its many benefits.

Polyurethane Injection Benefits:



weights 4-6 lbs per cubic foot when installed



a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete lifting prices



compressive strength is minimally 11,000 pounds per square foot



fully waterproofed so it cannot washout


Cure Time

quick cure time allows for immediate loading

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