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Clinton MD – JES Foundation Repair Service Area

Our foundation repair team in Clinton MD delivers the results you need. Your home should be a sanctuary. Structural issues and moisture problems rob you of your peace of mind. Homeowners need reassurance of their property’s structural stability. We are the foundation, crawl space and basement waterproofing experts in Clinton MD. Contact us to schedule an inspection today. We’ll evaluate your house free of charge.

Basement Waterproofing

A flooded basement is far from a spilled glass of water. Once moisture takes up residence in your home, it can weaken key structural components. Our high performance sump pumps transform stinky, wet basements into dry spaces. Learn more about our reliable waterproofing solutions and fix your wet basement today. Click here to learn more!

Foundation Repair

Uneven floors, bowing walls, wall separation, cracks in brick, drywall or molding and doors that won’t open are all signs of foundation problems. When you notice anything that may resemble foundation damage, call a professional to validate your concerns. Click here to learn more!

Crawl Space Repair

Damp environments are unhealthy for a number of reasons. Allergies and health conditions such as asthma, are associated with excessive moisture inside a home. Protect your family and your home from a mold invasion. Our CrawlSeal® crawl space encapsulation system improves indoor air quality. Click here to learn more!

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