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Foundation Cracks Virginia Earthquake 2011

Foundation Cracks Virginia Earthquake 2011 Learn More

Everyone along the eastern seaboard felt the ground rumble on August 23, 2011. While many of us checked on friends and family and did a quick check of the inside of your home, did you remember to check your foundation? That tremor could have created some foundation problems and damage that need to be repaired. […]

Foundation Checklist

Foundation Checklist Learn More

These steps should be key items on your fall foundation checklist. If you find any brick cracks, cracks in the concrete or areas where your foundation is sinking, give us a call.

Ronald Reagan National

Ronald Reagan National Learn More

The near-surface soils and underlying organic strata were not acceptable for direct support of the concrete foundation, which necessitated the need for deep foundation support. Considering the airport was originally constructed in the 1950s, there was concern regarding subsurface soil contamination.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Smithsonian National Postal Museum Learn More

Due to the confined interior space and conflicts with existing foundations, as well as the presence of old fill and poor bearing soils, the project structural engineer and architect specified that the elevator mat foundation is supported by helical piles.

Millworks HeadStock Helical Piles

Millworks HeadStock Helical Piles Learn More

In the 1980s the mine shaft was permanently abandoned by placing an enlarged concrete cap over the sediment-filled shaft. Approximately 15 feet of earthfill was placed over the cap, and the four corners of the cap were marked on the surface by steel posts.

Understanding Your Sump Pump Alarm

Understanding Your Sump Pump Alarm Learn More

Especially when the rain starts to build up, you might start seeing moisture in your crawl space or basement. A sump pump helps you tackle that moisture if it starts to collect in the basement or crawl space. Even if you have effective crawl space encapsulation and other important metrics to avoid crawl space flooding, […]

Pros and Cons of a Crawl Space Vent Fan

Pros and Cons of a Crawl Space Vent Fan Learn More

Many people think fans are the answer to crawl space ventilation and conditioning. Learn more about why using crawl space fans is not a good idea, and what solutions you can have installed to address the root problems.

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