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Having  repaired over 70,000+  homes throughout Virginia, as well as DC, Maryland, and northeastern NC since 1993, we know what types of crawl space problems exist in your area. And since  JES is locally owned and operated by Professional Engineers,  you can feel confident knowing that the crawl space repair solutions we recommend take into account local considerations like your weather, soil, and geography.

wet crawl space  creates an environment that is unhealthy, smelly, and structurally unsound.  Wet crawl spaces allow mold and dust mites to thrive, producing millions of toxic airborne mold spores .

Contaminated air from your damp crawl space is drawn up into the living areas of your home,  which worsens allergy symptoms and indoor air quality . An unhealthy crawl space also  increases your electric bills , is the cause of your  cold floors , and also  allows pest and rodent infestations .

Insects and pests love damp crawl spaces ! These pests  feast on the wood rot and decay caused by a damp unsealed crawl space . Plus all of that moisture can create  structural damage, like sagging floors .

What Next?

Problem signs like these are most often symptoms of serious water intrusion and foundation problems, and the underlying issues need to be addressed.

You need proven, patented solutions from experts in waterproofing and foundation repair to perform a thorough inspection to ensure the safety of your home.

Water Intrusion Signs & Causes


Take the first step to a safe crawl space and home by requesting your free, no obligation inspection (a $399 value) by a  professional foundation repair expert at JES  today! Our experts will evaluate  your individual needs  and propose a solution tailored to you, your home and your specific needs based upon the soil types, climate and other factors in the state of Virginia.

From our experience, we often see crawl space issues arise from moisture, condensation, and water vapor issues. We’ve also seen many sump pumps overflow, torn, thin vapor barriers, and underdeveloped jacks used to support the entire weight of a house! Remember,  we’re consultants, not salesmen!  We’re here to help you protect your greatest asset – your home!

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