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Repair Basement Leaks: Basement Waterproofing Methods

Repair Basement LeaksYou have several options to repair basement leaks. While there are several schools of thought when it comes to waterproofing, you should always do your research before committing to a solution that will last for the long term.

First and foremost, never underestimate a basement leak. Consequently, the leak could lead to even bigger problems for your basement.

Repair Basement Leaks: Negative-Side Waterproofing

This type of basement waterproofing involves painting over the cracks or using a hydraulic cement. Therefore, the cement seals the cracks where water’s leaking through.

While this kind of waterproofing is initially cheaper, it ends up costing more in the long run. In general, negative-side waterproofing is not a permanent solution since it doesn’t fix the cause: hydrostatic pressure. So water will find its way into your basement, creating new floor and wall cracks which you’ll have to repair.

Repair Basement Leaks: Exterior Waterproofing

To install an exterior waterproofing system, you need to remove the soil surrounding your foundation, down to the footing. Once the area is excavated, a footing drain is installed next to your foundation.

This method is messy, expensive and can damage your foundation. Plus, it’s not always a permanent solution to your wet basement problems. The footing drains easily, but the only way to clean them is to re-excavate.

Repair Basement Leaks: Interior Footing Drains

Just like exterior waterproofing, the interior footing drain is prone to clogging. To install the drain, a hole needs to be dug around the perimeter of your basement floor. The drain is then installed on a bed of rock and soil. Further, new concrete’s installed and a gap is left between the floor and the wall for water to flow into the drain.

The gap not only allows water to flow into the drain, but other debris as well. Additionally, the soil that’s resting below the drain can flow up into the drain clogging it. With that said, how do you clean a drain that has concrete poured over it?

Repair Basement Leaks: Solutions

BasementGutter Below Floor French Drain

This is the most reliable and effective basement waterproofing system available. BasementGutter is an interior floor drain, but unlike the traditional footing drain, it sits on top of the footing and prevents debris from entering the pipe.

BasementGutter is installed next to your basement wall, on top of the footing, and collects water seepage from the walls, floor-wall joint and even floor leaks. It works with your sump pump so any water that’s collected is removed.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a DIY approach is the best option for waterproofing your basement or repairing basement leaks. It’s always best to consult with an expert before deciding on a solution.

Here’s what Angie thinks about repairing basement leaks

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