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BrightWall Basement Wall Panels

Basement Solutions by JES


Brightwall Basement Wall Panels

BrightWall Basement Wall Panels

BrightWall is a system of durable, plastic panels that attached to your basement walls. The system is attractive, giving your dark basement a semi-finished look all while helping to keep it dry.

You can find out more about BrightWall and if it’s the best solution for your basement by making an appointment for a free inspection with one of our professional basement waterproofing specialists.

Benefits of BrightWall


Easy, low stress installation.

BrightWall basement wall panels are quickly attached to your wall with simple fasteners.


Long lasting solution.

BrightWall basement wall panels are permanently attached to your basement walls and prevent water from entering your basement. The BrightWall panels work with your basement waterproofing system to keep your basement dry and comfortable.


Tough and beautiful.

The wall panels are durable, easy to clean and brighten up your basement.

Are You Looking For Basement Waterproofing Contractors In Virginia, DC, Maryland, or Northeastern North Carolina?

At JES Foundation Repair our team of in-house basement waterproofing experts have warranted solutions for basements and foundations of all types.

If you would like a free quote, we’re ready to help you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site consultation and written quote!

We’re proud to serve all of Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach throughout Williamsburg and surrounding areas; Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern Maryland. View a complete list of our service area here.

The Experts at JES can Help!

If you’re not sure of the source of your basement problem, give us a call at 866-370-4816, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

“The work is done neatly and my wife tells me that the basement already smells drier and less musty. I am happy and confident the investment in refinishing the basement spaces [after JES waterproofed] will create a more comfortable and healthier space.”


~ Robert H., Alexandria, VA

Homeowners Guide To Basement WaterproofingGet Your Free Homeowner’s Guide!

Make an appointment with one of our basement waterproofing experts today and receive your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing, written by Professional Engineers, a $19.95 value!

You’ll learn about wet basement problem signs and what they could mean for your home’s health and safety.

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