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Water In Basement Cove - Basement Waterproofing Problem Sign

Basement Waterproofing

Water In Basement Cove

Your basement cove is the seam where your basement wall and floor meet. This is a common place for basement water leaks. Water in the basement cove is more than just another mess that needs to be cleaned; it’s a sign that you have hydrostatic pressure. Learn more.

Water in Basement? We Provide Solutions for Property Owners in Virginia, Maryland, DC

Identifying and Repairing Basement Issues Related To Dampness, Cracks, and Leaking

Water in Basement –  Do These Wet Floors Look Familiar?

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Why Do I Have Water in My Basement Cove?

Hydrostatic pressure is one of the most common causes of basement cove water. It pushes water into your basement through wall cracks, the cove, or loose mortar.


Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the amount of pressure that water exerts when it’s at rest. When water’s draining next to your foundation and has nowhere to go, that water will begin to push against your foundation and eventually find a way into your basement foundation.


Clogged Footing Drains

Clogged footing drains are the main culprit that causes hydrostatic pressure. When your home was built, a drain was installed next to your basement foundation footing. The footing clogs easily if it’s not properly installed, which can lead to a variety of water problems. Cleaning your footing drain is more involved than you think: it involves excavating the ground next to your foundation, potentially damaging your basement foundation, and creating a giant mess. It’s easier, cheaper and safer to invest in basement waterproofing.

We’re Here To Help You Find The Best Solutions For Your Basement…

We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and find out the source of your basement floor cracks and basement water problems.

Requesting your free inspection takes 60 seconds, and you can download your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing immediately!

How Can I Stop Basement Water?

How Can I Stop Basement Water?

Don’t waste your time and money plugging up the cove with an epoxy or sealer. The hydrostatic pressure will win, forcing water back into your basement through the cove or some other weak point in your basement foundation.

The result: a wet basement and more damage to your foundation.

What Do I Do Now?

it's time to contact the expertsYou can win the fight against hydrostatic pressure and basement water. Take the first step to a dry basement by having an expert inspect your basement. You’ll learn about the best way to keep your basement dry and even receive a free Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing e-book as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

Basement Water Solutions

Basement Water Solutions

If we find that your rusted water heater is caused by basement humidity we may recommend JES Dehumidifier XP basement dehumidifier as a part of the solution. This product isn’t always the solution to your wet basement and ineffective foundation drainage, so it’s important to talk to a basement waterproofing expert to find the best solution for your wet basement.

Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing

Tired of your basement leaking every time it rains? Or wondering if those cracks are a sign that you have a bigger problem?

Our Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing is your resource for learning about why you have a wet basement, what causes soil settling and what to look for to see if you have a problem. Request your free basement inspection and receive your own copy of the e-book, as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

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