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Leaking Basement Walls - Basement Problem Sign

Basement Waterproofing

Leaking Basement Wall

Maybe you’ve tried installing a home dehumidifier or sump pump which helps a little, but you still have to deal with your leaky basement walls. You don’t have to live with a wet basement. Save yourself time and money by requesting a free professional basement evaluation, and receive A Free Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing.

Basement Repair Solutions in Virginia, Maryland, DC

Identifying & Repairing Basement Issues Related To Dampness, Cracks, and Leaking

Do These Basement Walls Look Familiar?

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Why Do I Have Leaking Basement Walls?

Leaking basement walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure – which is the force of the water against your basement foundation. Leaky basement walls can be caused by the water building up on the outside of your foundation and underground water.


Water Against Your Foundation

As water collects in the back-fill surrounding your foundation, the hydrostatic pressure builds up, pressing against your foundation. The continued pressure has to go somewhere – and if there’s a crack in your foundation then it’s into your basement.

Poured Concrete Walls

If you have a poured concrete foundation then the hydrostatic pressure can create cracks in the basement walls. These cracks will let the water in. If you notice basement wall cracks then consult with a foundation repair specialist. These cracks could be a sign that there’s a structural problem with your basement foundation.


Underground Water

If your home is built on an underground stream or near an underground water source, the water can find its way into your basement through crumbling mortar or concrete cracks.

Can I Fix My Leaky Basement Walls?

Don’t assume that a patch or epoxy will fix your leaky basement walls.

And if you have a basement wall crack, then you could have other problems that need to be fixed before you think about waterproofing your basement.

What Do I Do Now?

call an expertCall in the basement waterproofing experts! One of our basement repair specialists will work with you to find the best way to fix your leaky basement walls. If you can fix the wall yourself, we’ll let you know and give you some pointers.

Or we may find that your leaky basement wall is creating a structural problem. All of our basement repair experts are also extensively trained on foundation repair by our team of Professional Engineers. So whether you have a waterproofing problem or a foundation problem, we can help!

Leaky Basement Wall Solutions

Leaking Basement Wall Solutions

If we find that you have a basement water problem we may recommend FlexiSpan or the BasementGutter system. Remember, these products aren’t always the solution to your leaky basement wall so it’s important to bring in a basement waterproofing expert to take a look, for free, and find the best solution for your home.

Our certified professional basement waterproofing consultants will work with you, every step of the way, to design the best basement waterproofing solution for your home’s leaky basement walls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water in Your Basement Walls

Seeing water in your basement walls can be a worrying experience for any homeowner. What should you know about water in basement walls?

Is Water in the Basement a Problem?

Water in a basement can be a problem in and of itself; it has a tendency to cause mold and mildew problems, as well as condensation and high indoor humidity. However, it’s even more important that you don’t just try to remove the water. You need to see what’s causing the water and fix the base problem.

Should There Be Water Coming From My Basement Walls?

You should not have water coming from your basement walls. Most commonly, water coming from your basement walls indicates that there are minuscule cracks in the walls that are letting in water. You need to fix the root problem that’s causing water to accumulate in your basement.

How Do I Waterproof My Basement?

Depending on your basement style, whether you’ve already painted your basement, and the extent of the water problems you’re having, you may need an expert to do it for you. Professional basement waterproofing contractors have access to reliable interior drainage systems, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and more. It’s important that you consider all these factors before you try to do it yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof Your Basement?

Waterproofing your basement is an important part of making sure your home stays safe, but the cost of waterproofing can vary widely. That’s because it typically relies heavily on how large your basement is, the extent of any damage, and what types of repair solutions will be used. The best way to determine a cost for waterproofing your basement is to schedule an inspection from a JES basement waterproofing expert. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leaking Cinder Block Basement Walls

No one wants to deal with leaking cinder block basement walls. What causes this problem, and how can you fix it now and in the future?

What Do You Do If Your Basement Wall Is Leaking?

A leaking basement wall can definitely be a sign of a very serious problem. If you’re experiencing leaking from a basement wall, your first step should be to call a waterproofing expert. When you contact an expert, you’re more likely to get answers about the source of the problem.

Can You Seal a Basement From the Inside?

Some people choose sealants and paint to fix issues with leaky basement walls. However, the problem is that both sealants and paints are temporary solutions that will need to be reapplied, and they don’t fix the actual root of the problem. Instead of going for sealant and so-called “waterproof” paint, you should talk to an expert to come up with a full-scale solution.

What Type of Basements Have Leaking Problems?

There’s no one type of basement that’s immune to problems that might require basement waterproofing. Cinder block basements, slab basements, concrete basements, and all other types of basements can end up with basement water problems. You should be vigilant and watch for water-based concerns in your basement no matter what type of basement you have.

How Do I Stop My Cinder Block Basement From Leaking?

As you can see, stopping your cinder block basement from leaking is possible, but it may be more difficult than a DIYer can handle. Especially if you’re starting to experience serious leaking issues, it’s time to contact JES so you can schedule an inspection.

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