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BasementGutter Grated Drain Pipe

BasementGutter Grated Drain Pipe

BasementGutter™ Grated Drain Pipe

For many homeowners, preventing flooding from an outer entryway such as a hatchway, garage door, or doorway is a priority. In this case we use the BasementGutter™ Grated Draining Pipe to span the opening and prevent water from flowing into your basement. The grated opening of this system is designed to accept water from the floor, where it’s then redirected to your perimeter drain and your sump pump.

This system comes with a removable lid to clear any debris that may enter the drain and is compatible with all our perimeter drain systems. The device lays smoothly across the floor to eliminate tripping hazards. We also recommend installing the drain inside the door to prevent debris from flooding in as well as to prevent freezing in the winter. BasementGutter™ comes with a written lifetime warranty.

Learn to see if JES’ BasementGutter™ Grated Drain Pipe is the right solution for your basement problems by scheduling a free inspection with one of our professional consultants.

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