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5 Ways Water Enters Your Basement

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5 Ways Water Enters Your Basement

5 Ways Water Enters Your BasementWhen water enters your basement after heavy rains, snow melt or flooding, it can make for an extremely frustrating experience. Worst of all, your wet basement or crawl space may lead to structural damage or loss of foundation stability, if not properly addressed as soon as circumstances permit.

After water gets into your basement or crawl space through cracks in the wall or over and under the footer, fixing the problem requires knowing what to look for. It is best to call a foundation repair professional or a basement waterproofing contractor to evaluate areas of concern, identify the source of the water and recommend solutions for successfully repairing the problem.

5 Ways Water Enters Your Basement:

Cracks in basement floor:

The soil under your foundation may not adequately absorb groundwater, creating hydrostatic pressure and pushing that water through any cracks in your basement floor.


Excess moisture inside walls or window sills:

Condensation occurs as a result of moisture buildup. Excessive moisture can be harmful to the performance of your walls and window sills and may seep into your basement, contributing to the development of mold and structural damage.


Through cracks in walls and mortar joints:

Too much moisture in soil leads to hydrostatic pressure, creating an entryway (cracks) that carries water into your house. In some instances, the water may be trapped inside concrete blocks but eventually, it will seep out along the bottom of the wall.


Over the footer:

Water can enter through cracks between the footer and adjoining wall, causing damage to your living space and leaving the basement useless—at least for storage and recreational purposes.


Under the footer:

Depending on how your home was constructed, there may be a small gap between the footer and the basement floor where excess water can penetrate cracks, leaving you with a wet basement.

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