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Basement Wall Repair Maryland - JES Case Study

Basement Wall Repair Maryland – The Challenge:

This Maryland home was faced with a unique challenge in relation to the structural stability of their basement wall. Due to expansive soil problems the front foundation wall experienced a significant increase in lateral pressure. Because of the added pressure the foundation and basement wall began to shear at the bottom. As the expanding soil pushed harder on the foundation wall, the shearing worsened. In addition to the foundation wall shearing, the homeowners were concerned with whether or not the wall repair solution would impede their ability to use their basement as a functional living space.

Basement Wall Repair Maryland – The Solution and Project Summary:

To repair and prevent future shearing of the foundation wall, JES designed a wall anchor system to permanently stabilize the foundation wall. The foundation wall was straightened to prevent collapse.

JES Installed 8 GEO-Lock Model wall anchor systems. The wall anchors were installed with an earth anchor plate buried 5 ft. deep in the yard. Threaded rods connecting the plates inside and outside of the home were no less than 12 ft. apart. The spacing between each wall anchor was approximately 5 ft. apart to ensure the wall would be stabilized after soil was backfilled.

The GEO-Lock plates were then tightened no more than 80 lbs per/square inch. Thus, restoring the wall back to its original position. In addition to the installation of the wall anchors, the outside soil that was creating excessive pressure against the wall was removed, new soil was backfilled, tamped and seeded.

The Team

JES Project Engineer: Scott Davis, P.E.
JES Project Designer: Chris Tesi
JES Installation Supervisor: Brian Rehak

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