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The JES Difference – We’re Known Best For Being

Better for a Reason…

There’s a good reason why we’re known best for being better. And it starts with integrity: we don’t believe in hard sales and pushy salesmen. We’re here to help you find the best solution, not force you to purchase a product that you don’t need. We want to help you, even if we don’t need to do the work!

A company is only as good as the people it hires. And we hire only the best. Every certified field inspector has experience in construction, engineering or some other area of the housing industry. We don’t hire sales people, we hire experts who know how to find the source of the problem and provide you with the best solution.

We have Professional Engineers on staff:

Your home is your greatest investment. And you wouldn’t trust your foundation, crawl space, concrete lifting, or basement repairs to just anyone. We understand, and agree! This is why we have Professional Engineers on staff to help evaluate problems and recommend the best solution for your home.

Your Call is Answered by a Person:

Your call is important! When you want help, you want it now. And you want to talk to a person not an answering machine. Our office is staffed to answer your call and help you when you need it.

We Don’t use Subcontractors:

We don’t use subcontractors for foundation repair, because you need an expert repairing your home’s problem. It’s common industry practice to use subcontractors to do the work. Subcontractors are the guys who were fixing your roof last week or installing siding the day before. They just aren’t qualified to fix your home’s foundation, basement or crawl space.

Our team is extensively trained in foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing. We’re specialized for a reason, to ensure your home is repaired properly.

Our Office is Efficient, which Saves You Money:

We developed our own industry-specific software, Bizwiz, with the goal of running our business more efficiently. Bizwiz is the most efficient business management system on the market. This cuts down on our operating costs by saving time and money. The time and money we save, translates into savings for you! You’re getting the best product and service on the market at a competitive price, which we wouldn’t be able to offer if we weren’t using an efficient business management system.

Standardized Pricing:

Everyone receives the same pricing. The price is set based on the product and service, not what type of car you drive or how nice your house is.

We’re Local but have National Resources:

We’re a member of several, industry leading, national organizations. These organizations allow us to get the best information on training, best practices, structural repair and products to ensure that you only receive the best solution.

Service After the Sale:

If we repair a problem in your home, we’ll continue to communicate with you after project completion. We’ll check in to make sure the solution is effective and provide annual maintenance reviews on installed products.

You Get an Inspection, Not a Sales Call

We Employ The Best:

Our certified field inspectors are trained to help you find the source of your home’s problem and offer the best solution. If your home doesn’t have a problem we’ll tell you. Our staff is extensively trained by our team of Professional Engineers and is certified by the product manufacturers. When a certified field inspectors visits your home, you’re getting an expert.

Your Free Inspection Appointment is Confirmed:

Your time is important and we don’t want to waste it. We confirm your appointment time with you via email and a phone call. If there’s a scheduling conflict, we’ll work with you to find the best time to come out and help.

You’re Introduced to Your Certified Field Inspector:

It can be nerve-racking to invite a contractor into your home. You want to know about their training, experience and what they look like so that you can feel more comfortable. Before your free inspection, you’ll receive information on your inspector, with a photo, and some of the solutions we offer.

Precision is Key.

When your foundation, basement, crawl space, or sunken concrete is inspected we use precision tools to find the source of the problem and provide accurate information. After all, you don’t want someone to just look at the problem and offer a solution without taking measurements and performing tests.

The Inspection is Comprehensive.

The inspection involves more than just looking at the problem sign. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of your home by a professionally trained foundation and waterproofing expert. The certified field inspector will look at your foundation, from inside your home and outside, inspect your home’s living area for other problem signs, and look around your property to determine if the source of your problem is drainage. large trees, or something else. 

We Explain the Problem.

If your foundation, basement, crawl space, or concrete needs to be repaired, we’ll explain why there’s a problem and provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decision for your property. We use a state-of-the-art computer program that creates a model of your home: it shows the problem and the solutions available for that problem. So you can see the solution before making your decision.

You’re in Control.

After the inspection your certified field inspector will work with you to determine the best solution for your home. We’re here to help and don’t want to pressure you into purchasing a solution that you’re not comfortable with. You’re in complete control over the final estimate. And we’re happy to work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process. We can complete part of the job now, and then complete the rest of the job later, when the time is right for you.

You Get the Quote and Proposal at the Inspection:

At the end of the inspection you’ll have the estimate and proposal in hand – if your home needs repairs. It’s important that you have the estimate in hand so that you can make an educated decision. You don’t want to waste your time tracking down a contractor so you can get an estimate and proposal. We respect your time and don’t want to waste it, so if your home needs repairs, we’ll always provide you with the information you need.

Your Opinion Matters!

After your inspection we’ll contact you to ask for your feedback. We want to make sure you received the best service. And if you’re not happy with your certified field inspector, we want to know! This helps us improve our service and give you a better experience.

We Have Several Financing Options:

While repairing your foundation, basement or crawl space isn’t fun, it’s necessary. We’ll work with you to create an economical option that works within your budget. See more on our financing program

Since 1993, JES has repaired over 70,000 homes and businesses. 

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